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Stag, new windscreen switch not working as expected.


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My wipers have never worked 100% on my Stag in that the intermittent settings was very...umm, intermittent. Sometimes it would work, other times not. In taking it off the car and trying to fix it I broke it (very silly of me) so have got a brand new replacement. The situation now is that:

Off is off.
Position 1 (speed 1) is slow speed
Position 2 is off
Intermittent (pull back on lever, it 'clicks' into place) is slow speed

And the wipers do not 'park'. Are all the new ones like this? Have I bought the wrong part? My car is a RHD Mk2, and that's what I ordered. An indicator stalk I bought at the same time works fine.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply.


It certainly looks the same, and has the same connector on the end.  I believe Mk1 stalks are quite different, with no intermittent setting.  Sadly my old one is broken so I don't think testing it will help much.  May have a look though.

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