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  1. Good stuff, a great example of looking for the simple fix rather than over-thinking, well done ....... Andy
  2. If your fuel gauge is also reading high then the culprit is very likely to be a faulty voltage stabiliser. i think the gtr108 is listed for the Spitfire, but could have changed over the years of production as gauges altered, of previous owners have altered what is available. May be worth trying both temp senders - they are only £6/7 - and see which provides the most reasonable output. ....... Andy
  3. Cheers Mark...... as always, only a shortage of funds preventing the dream, now.... where is that Lottery ticket? 😆 ...... Andy
  4. I didn’t think you had to be the current owner - but perhaps I am mistaken, apologies if I spoilt the game ....... Andy
  5. My Triumph Holy Grail never made it to production....... The Fury prototype, simply beautiful - if it was in my ownership it would only find a new custodian if it were prised from my dead fingers (and even then my ghost would come back and drive it while the new owners slept! ) ...... Andy
  6. Excellent! Exactly what Mr Triumph built it for enjoy the drive! ........ Andy
  7. AndyTV8

    Triumph Stag

    The arches are a warning sign - there is likely to be more elsewhere once opened up. the drivers door looks to have some warning signs of a rusty skin - but the panel gas ( as mentioned above) look ok. Under the bonnet looks generally unloved, as does the interior, but would probably clean up ok. Paul at Stag Classics in Alton has a good reputation, so that is a positive for the engine work - the Clive Tate ZF auto conversion is very desirable, it could have been done by Clive, Favershams, EJ Ward or Paul at Stag Classics as they will all do the work. It is approx £4K to have one of them do the job. the anoraks will point out that the pinstripes are upside down, the rear wing badges are pointing the wrong way and possibly missing a pair of cover sills. the prices for these have changed so much since I sold mine (isn’t that always the way ) so I wouldn’t suggest a value - I would recommend taking a closer look at the rusty areas I mentioned earlier. ....... Andy
  8. Glad you were able to come to a choice..... all the best for some smooth sailing ........ Andy
  9. Wise words from Nigel. I’d only add that if you only view old-car ownership via the lenses of a calculator then we’d probably all give up now.... but the value is (for me at least) in the enjoyment of the car - and always bear in mind the old saying that ‘perfection is the enemy of the good’, often people can get blindsided by mission-creep, sometimes doing just-enough is good enough. Just my tuppence....... andy
  10. This link should work shortly after the program airs if you prefer to watch online https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000w6sp?fbclid=IwAR2_I5RpTyZDlVn6lV81Ekt8VKqqul_0dj_uibPd8N6GcAt2DCoIC-EblxU ..... Andy
  11. Yep, mine has been set since last week ........ Andy
  12. Super..... glad you are having more success, enjoy the search ....... Andy
  13. No, I don’t have any other links, the owner wouldn’t be the first person to align to the revised MoT testing for Historic vehicles - as mentioned, a conversation with the owner is probably the most effective way to proceed. ..... Andy
  14. I did read some info on it a while ago - but don’t remember the detail. I believe the owner is from the United States and probably a link to pool - doesn’t take much to change the gear knob, not sure if the roof is paint or decal - I’d speak to the owner if i were you. ....... Andy
  15. I thought you may find it of interest ....... Andy
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