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  1. AndyTV8


    Difficult to look past Classic Oils Heritage mineral 20/50 - clearly states the Zinc (as ZDDP) content on the label and all at a fair price. ....... Andy
  2. Based on that description it seems very overpriced pas you say, perhaps it is one of those situations where they don’t really want to sell. ....... Andy
  3. Certainly not cheap, but seems to be the Dealer going-rate for a 4 at the moment. ..... Andy
  4. You could speak to CSC at the Macleod Garage (near the Cricket Club) or Rivett Autos to see if they could help - no personal experience of either. if you are prepared to travel to Aldershot I’m sure that Rees Brothers would be able to help. ..... Andy
  5. May be easier for folk to offer a recommendation if you can give a slightly more precise location. ....... Andy
  6. I’m also an advocate of the ‘stick it in 4th and move the car’ method - I don’t think I’ve ever bothered manually turning the crank with an spanner/socket. if you want to do it that way I’d have thought a socket on a breaker-bar would need the least effort. ...... Andy
  7. I think you ask a good question - what makes it worth someone attending? Bottom line is that the answer will be different depending on who you ask I brought a ticket for the whole weekend, but only attended on the Saturday. I was happy to do that to support the Club with the event. Camping isn’t my thing and i don’t feel compelled to link-up with particular local groups. i enjoyed looking at the stands, autojumble and the autosolo - I prefer to drive my car rather than polish it, so concourse isn’t my thing, but I love the fact that some folk love that side of things. i was happy to pay a few quid more for small items at the event, I figured those traders had made an effort to be there so it wouldn’t be in the right spirit to begrudge that. This was the first one I has attended for a few years, it had all that I expected, I wasn’t disappointed and was delighted to see the big numbers of people and cars - I particularly liked that it was a multi-marque/model event, I much prefer to have some variety. I do hope that inter-club/marque collaboration becomes a regular thing in the coming years. My round-trip was only a little over 300 miles, traffic wasn’t too bad, and I just caught 1 short shower on the way up - a nice drive and 8 suspect I’ll have a slightly red forehead tomorrow ....... Andy
  8. Yep, gates open 0800, trade stands from 1000.... I won’t be there until after 10 (unless this evenings warp-drive installation goes well on the 4 ) ....... Andy
  9. Great work - wonderful step back in time, thank you for taking the time to upload ........ Andy
  10. As mentioned above, you can now pay (by card) on the day ....... Andy
  11. Colin, there was some discussion about this on the TR Register earlier in the week - it appears that you can now buy tickets on the day - but only card payment Will be accepted, no cash. Their webpage has been updated to that effect. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2021/06/0270/Book-now-for-the-massive-Triumph-and-MG-Weekend Hope that helps..... Andy
  12. Glad you are making some good progress..... the time to drive-and-enjoy is fast approaching ....... Andy
  13. The person wielding the laser should - in my view - have a life-ban from stadiums, however the laser didn’t affect Kasper Schmeichel - he saved the penalty and it certainly wouldn’t have altered his chances with the rebound (he wasn’t far from that either!) Once in extra time the Danes were pretty-much out on their feet, it was only going to end one way - although a dubious penalty wouldn’t be my first choice! ..... Andy
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