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GT6 gearbox removal struggle


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I am working single handed to remove my non-overdrive gearbox,  I have a jack under the sump and one under the gearbox.


The bell housing is free but I cannot get enough clearance between the end of the box and the propshaft u/j.


Do I keep on raising the engine and box,  I have a nice even gap between the engine and the bell housing.


The gearbox mount has been removed and the top of the extension.


I don't want to do any damage by wriggling it sideways.


Any tips would be very welcome.                Thanks  John

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Dont jack the gear box


raise the engine with a support under the back of the sump either in onto the cranckcase or a lock under the sump. Raise enough to be above the tunnel and prop or close to it. If the prop gets in the way , try tipping the coupling or remove the prop as lasf resort, once it exits the clutch you can lift the tail over the tunnel


when its raised get a length of timber and lever between the chassis rail and the base of the box

pry it rewards, as soon as a small gap appears at the back plate


sit on floor and just pull it off quick dont let it hang on the clutch, you may need to rotate to get the clutch hsg under the dash


Removing the rubber cotton reels make rearwards travel easier


DO NOT lever the enging back plate these bend easy and then you get clutch failures due to misalignments

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When refitting keep, engine high, you must get the clutch hsg parallel to the back plate


just looking gives a false view, use two long studs in the back of the block to support the box and help alignment


when its starts to re enter you check you are parallel use a bit of timber as a gap gauge to help see the gap is equal all round , it helps

If its all fair and square it wil pop on easy



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Just rebuilt a single rail and j type for an area car


that cast iron clutch hsg on the 4 pot is a manic heavy lump of old iron


on any Od box its worth tack welding the two mounting bolts into the mount base

there is little room to fit any socket or ground down spanner to fit in and hold thd bolt heads

A wonderous design

then its easy to nip the nuts up from down under





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