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Door Check Strap


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Hi all


After a discussion with Garth and a look at the Mk3 Gt6 at the club we realised all my door check straps did was prevent the door from over extending and wouldn't keep it open.  Attached is a photo of the drivers door strap and the new one from James Paddock. I'm wondering if they are the right size?


Clearly its not the same size or shape as the original -has anyone else fitted these as it would suggest the door won't open as far? I'm wondering if they are the right size?


Regardless of the above how on earth does it fit? The pin marked up as 'Moss' surprisingly obviously attaches to the door bracket. The end with the big washer goes on the body frame where there seems to be a small housing with a check strap sized opening at the back. Should the rubber washer get jammed through the hole in the door frame (pictured) and then tweeked so the strap is re-inserted from the back of the housing to locate in a the horizontal bracket , through the washer in the housing and out to the door? or does the rubber ring fit at the back as well?


And finally where does the oval rubber bracket go?  


Many Thanks





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you have a kit for Herald /vitesse with a straight check strap


most  on line sites show straps as   GT6  curved 613024  and H & V as 610170  straight   

so what you have been sent  it will restrict opening


the rubber stays on the strap and is  kept inside the door to cushion the fully open stop.  you feed the starp through the catch plate on the door from the inside 

outward and then connect the clevis pin    if you look at your old unit you will see the sprung clips have fractured and fallen off.

the oval rubber fits on the A post and seals the hole when the door is closed  uses 2 self tap screws  



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Thanks Pete


As always a nice clear answer. How on earth I managed to order a H/V strap from the gt6 page I'll never know!


I'll send them back unless anyone else wants a pair with postage at cost?





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I replaced mine with a pair from paddocks, a mk1 gt6


You definitely have the wrong ones there . Feeding them in from the rear of the A post is a fiddle but eased if you have some pin nosed vice grips to hold and place them through the post.




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