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  1. Got one of those, only unusual thing was it left the factory with wire wheels! It was more the previous owners and knowing where it moved around the country!
  2. Hi all, been a while, all those little jobs still to do! BUT given the above limited information has anyone paid the £7 for the history on carcheck.co.uk? Not a big cost but if it comes back as unknown it would be a waste! Cheers Adrian
  3. Did all my interior with Owens stuff....brilliant
  4. I didn’t change the bush, just the seals. The aperture in the new bushes in the rebuild kit were actually a fraction bigger than original and as original wasn’t worn no need. I would be a bit apprehensive if i had to change the bushes!
  5. Hi Pete No idea why i can't post video any more probably some incompatability from apple to microsoft. So basically pressing the accelerator there is a very stumbly/stuttery response which is increasingly difficult to build revs as the engine gets hotter (fine initially when its cooler). The stumbling even causes the stearing column to shake. i'll have another go at a lower resolution video.
  6. Right so all complete and went for a very hot shakedown run BUT forgot to put oil in the dash pots. Now I might be wrong but it’s to dampen the piston lift to limit over fuelling? Either way I filmed the stuttering/shaking and failure to Rev up smoothly when hot. Carbs currently set up neutral and balanced with the hose mechanism. So what’s wrong? IMG_3099.MOV
  7. Alright Hollander! Some scenic Scandanavian flat place.
  8. I bought a teflon rod and used the Dutch site for dimentions, a friend knocked them up.
  9. I think you might be thinking of a different forum there! Going back to the original thread I can't believe how big cars have got. I leart to drive in the 80's and they ar very small compared to moderns. But further the GT6 is more like a roller skate!
  10. Noted. Was reffering to home market👍
  11. Er in doors wont let me get another car but I'm curious and we have had a few discussions about the value of cars but saw this on e bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203522397044?hash=item2f62e15374:g:ZEIAAOSwIWNg6zQI an import in what I think is poor condition (but seems structurally sound) that probably needs a full rebuild. Its LHD which drops the value but a Mk2 that raises it a bit. It got me thinking, a wreck of a standard mini can cost pennies to £1500 but complete would probably only be valued at £4-5K but cost significantly more to complete. Same with this GT6+ not what I'd call a desirable car being LHD but would require a significant cost to restore. Do you work to a formula or just let your heart and desire dictate the price? Adrian
  12. Spotted a 2000, TR6 and Spitfire in convoy yesterday around 2.
  13. I did this for my GT6 and Is actually quite simple and logical. Keep it slow to make sure you give adhesive time to go off and use plenty of ties tightened steadily and evenly to prevent any ripping. In hind sight I could probably of tightened mine more.
  14. I'm not a great lover of football but I do like the international competitions mainly because they have an end. Agree on the laser, the wielder should have a laser applied to his/her bits! I get very angry at the pretend fouls, it is simply unsportsmanlike. If they haven't broken anything or aren't bleeding then carry on, most of the time our rugby players have to be forced off the field even with blood gushing from an injury! I think I've covered most points made, but back to the original thread. Bravo England its about time we had something positive happening in our lives that has a chance of bringing us together rather than dividing us!
  15. Mr Henderson, my O'level metal work teacher taught half forward and quarter back. Thats from the early 80's, but as we know what is the norm one moment is the opposite the next.....cough cough to wear a mask or not, look at how the mask fiasco evolved for Covid!! I think based on all the sound advice give on this forum there is always more than one way to skin a cat. What works for one may not work for another.
  16. Thanks everybody for your words of wisdom. I put the carbs back on and have tentatively turned the key after manually priming from the pump. Took a while to fire but initially very uneven but stayed alive long enough for me to adjust the idle and get it warm. Used the hose method to balance, if I've done it right its nice and easy! One thing I noticed straight away was it idled at lower revs much more evenly and lower than I could before (settled around the 800 rpm) and the rev counter was steady rather than flicking through a range of 500 rpm or so. Next job is to reinstall the throttle linkage and probably take it for a spin! Although first have to sort the accelerator cable that has frayed since installing and can't fit back into the clamp!
  17. Hi all. This is probably a strange question about a nonservicable item. I can’t find any threads or entries in the manuals. Basically should the dash pot damper assembly be loose or should the sting clip be tighter to the base?
  18. In fear of replying to my own post. Bought a 5/16 od brass pipe, slotted it and fits perfectly although have to wait for re-assembly to be sure!
  19. Hi all I don't suppose anyone has a spare throttle spindle sleeve lying around for a Mk 3 GT6? I'm wanting to get my linkage set up a little more standard basically a 7mm ID and 5/16 OD. I have ordered some brass tubing but if I can get an original part, all the better. Thanks Adrian
  20. First car was a Mk2 cavalier, 1.3 maroon. took me from '89 to '96 and 112K then move to toyota. Learnt to drive in a 1.2 Nova. Dad had a rusty Mk3 cortina Estate, I absolutely love the 2 dr saloons with the double headlights (like the GT, gxl) but sadly never owned one although was tempted one summer from Uni to get a 1.6 Capri for £1500, I think the white goodyear script on the tyres were drawing me in!
  21. I'm no long standing expert but you can't make snap desicions. Your neighbor needs to decide what he likes for his purse and monitor the market then make a desicion on what is available at the time, ideally if he wants a specific make / model he can gen up on it through website forums, buyers guides, manuals, etc to really understand what he can and can't do and what the implications are on his purse. He won't get it all right first time but at least he would be entering into it with eyes partially open. Adrian
  22. My 1980 mini is absolutely packed full of character but absolutely no mod cons. I probably fill 3/4 of the width of the car, can't get abouve 45 mph (but working on that) but have the biggest smile on my face and frequently big smiles from onlookers. Never going to win a rally but a winner for me! In reality a well kept modern can tick your boxes but realistically it will rarely live up to expectations, especially at 19 years old and marketed as the wrong model. Buyer beware! At 19 years you are entering the realms of modern classic and all that comes with it, the more complex the more to go wrong (especially beyond basic mechanics).
  23. Based on the gt6 and vitesse workshop manual the small slot in the face of the brass insert is an original feature to allow the removal of the seal. Maybe like mars bars as time has gone on everything is getting smaller!
  24. Just a quick check. The replacement spindle seals do not fill the cavity of brass holder. It does carry the spindle firmly when inserted. Is that ok?
  25. Hi Doug I decided to go to Burlens direct, maybe the Rimmers kits are actually more complete hence the higher price. Disappointed in Burlens as they are supposed to be No 1. The kit I got was their CDRK8. Just by way of update, I drifted out the old jet this morning using an appropriately sized socket and used a long socket on the rear of the new jet to drift in the replacement. Got it to 102 thou of the 100 though spec, not sure if I should try to get to the 100 thou, could be a lot of back and forth!
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