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Hello All

Not in Spitty this time wife has dragged me off to Mexico!


Plenty of VW Beetles with no rust just faded paint(Shall I ship a load back?)


I an into old engines as well but

Did not have time to study this one! What do we think it is? Looks like Lister to me or a copy?


I think they do not have MOT,s?











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Love Beetles. I'm surprised I never got into them rather than Triumphs.

First car I looked at with a view to purchasing was a Beetle, ADV 708, but the seller wanted £1000 and even I with my rosy glasses could see one missing exhaust and a ruined interior.  


Just think - if countries like these had built Heralds, we could be inundated with rust-free parts.


Hope you're having a good time Roger and not suffering the dreaded Moctezuma's revenge....

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Health and Safety what is that?




Did he fall off? NO!! Was he perfectly capable of looking after himself, keeping his balance and not landing on anyone below?? Of course! 

Here in our over-protected, over cossetted nanny state we award £20000 to a woman who bangs her knee on a restaurant table while sitting down... (Ok so that was Dublin but that's only next door!)


Thread drift already... or if Roger's over there, is that continental drift?? 

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