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Fitting club exhaust


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I could do with some advice on fitting the club twin box stainless exhaust system.


I have a 13/60 convertible herald with a spitfire 1500 engine and gearbox.


I have bought a spitfire manifold and herald system but have found that having fitted the manifold that it does not point down the center the car but off at an angle of 20+ degrees so the center y pipe cannot be fitted. Has anybody else come across this? Do I need to fit a flexi pipe?


Also where do you mount the fixings for the y pipe and rear boxes, is it a case of drilling holes in the boot floor etc? I am not convinced the y pipe is long enough but won't know for sure until I sort the manifold problem.





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Spit 1500 uses the same tubular manifold as the herald 1360.So sgould all work with no adaptors required.



Sounds like a misaligned manifold. Suggest you contact the club shop, and maybe email a few pictures to clarify? 

Club shop will sort if there is an issue....

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When you get further back, a couple of bobbins off the boot floor with brackets to attach the rear of the boxes.


A couple of rubber straps and U-clamps to support the rear of th boxes to the diff front cross member.


Bracket off the rear of the gearbox supports the centre pipe near the front.


Get some Mikalor clamps for the collector to manifold joints.

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Could anybody tell me whereabouts the Y branch is located in relation to the prop joint to the diff. I am having trouble getting the angle of the rear boxes right under the boot without the Y branch fowling the prop joint. There is plenty of spare movement on the pipe joints, so I think its just a case ok knowing whereabout the Y goes, before, after or inline with the prop joint.



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