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Front shock absorbers tightening

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Just replacing my front shocks on my Herald 13/60. Obviously one rubber bush each side of the top plate then fasten the unit to the car with the three stunts. My question is how tight do I the nuts on the top of the shocks to fasten or squash the rubber bushes




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the nuts should screw down to a shoulder on the shaft this controls the squash on the rubbers 


hold the square on the shaft to enable tighten down the nut ,, all it needs is a good hand spanner tighten up then add the lock nut

there is no torque figure given in the wsm.  



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I'd suggest that you hold off tightening down on the nuts until you have refitted the shock absorbers. If you tighten down before refitting you'll find that the squashing of the rubber increases the diameter of the bushes to the extent that they won't fit through the hole in the suspension tower.



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