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  1. Try giving Mike Papworth a call. I imagine he'll have a few knocking around in his workshop. (07768 775170) Wayne
  2. I might be teaching you to suck eggs, but if you're planning to use this socket with an electric impact driver on your Churchill hub puller I'd recommend that you get an impact socket. I've had regular sockets split before the hub gave up when using a mains impact driver. Wayne
  3. Hi Roger, Here's a photo of my set up. The OD relay is to the right, the horn relay to the left (the one above is an aftermarket flasher unit for the hazards) I've also attached a photo of the OD inhibitor switch arrangement. Hope it helps. Wayne
  4. Hi Peter, The passage between the cylinder block water jacket and the block drain orifice is very narrow and awkward to locate. I've found it easiest to clear using a length of stiff wire aimed somewhere between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock, prodding upwards in the direction of the cylinder head (if that makes sense) Wayne
  5. That takes me back to the early 60s, when I attended a Sunday School which had a birthday ritual involving Black Sam. If a child had a birthday that week Sam would be brought out of the cupboard, placed on a desk and all the children gathered around him. The birthday boy or girl would place a penny in his hand and we'd all sing a song (something about pennies for Jesus I think) At the end of the song the lucky child got to press the lever that made Black Sam swallow the penny. Nobody ever explained why it was appropriate to mark a birthday by having a mechanical representation of an African person swallow money! Perhaps it was some white saviour thing.
  6. Waynebaby


    To Err is Human, to Aaarr is Pirate.
  7. x2 for YS's comment. I ended up using a 1/2" lowering block on the same brand of spring even after a year of driving around with 75Kg of ballast tucked behind the seats. Wayne
  8. The John Thomason guide to originality states that from FH 100,020 onwards the door handles were finished in satin black, so perhaps that is what is prompting the memory. I'm wracking my brain to try to remember the finish on my 1500 spit back in 1980. It was definitely black, but I can't remember if it was shiny or not. Sorry charlieb
  9. From my own messy experience, I'd recommend that you take the filter cover off AFTER draining the gearbox oil! Wayne
  10. Hi TrafficMan, If it helps, I'm on my second spring on my Mk3 GT6 and both the new spring and the one it replaced (which I'm assuming was the original) sit on the differential case like yours. Wayne
  11. I had my Girling Powerstop 5156 rebuilt by JL Spares of Rochdale. +1 for JL Spares. They did an excellent job on my servo a couple of years back. Wayne
  12. Haggis, You mention you have a Lumenition ignition system. I had similar symptoms on my GT6 which eventually turned out to be a faulty Lumenition power unit. I swapped this for a new one and haven't had the problem since. The only issue is that a new power unit is pretty pricey, so you'd probably want to rule out everything else before going down that route. Wayne
  13. Louis, If you still want to go down a V8 route then Tim at Willow Triumph (near Darlington in the North East) has quite a bit of experience in fitting Rover V8s to Spitfires and Heralds. I've attached a link to one of his projects.Tim's an approachable bloke and might be able to give you some pointers over the phone. Wayne http://www.willowtriumph.com/page7.htm
  14. I'm glad to say that me and mine are doing well, but sadly I know of many who aren't. I'm a clinical volunteer at my local hospital and went in today to, amongst other things, help feed patients in a geriatric ward. When I was last in wearing normal garb (on Monday) the ward held 40+ patients. Today I had to wear a visor, face mask, gloves and apron to help feed < 20 patients. The missing patients weren't discharged. Grim. Just to round things off, someone spat in the face of a nurse in A&E. He's now custody. Keep safe. Wayne
  15. Waynebaby


    A mate of mine told me he was sha**ing his girlfriend AND her twin. I said, "How can you tell them apart?" He said, "Her brother's got a moustache."
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