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Possible Dropped Valve Seat

Henry Boler

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So, today I decided to try and get somewhere with these speedo problems, still no joy.


Put it all together ready to test, jacked the back end up so I could run the wheels to see if the speedo would respond, would she start? ...No.


3000 miles in europe, no problems, driving almost every day the two weeks I've been home, no problems, I leave her for three days and find a valve problem!!!


One of the valves isn't returning to closed position. About 8mm too low down by the looks of things. What could this be? Would I be right in assuming a dropped valve seat? I think the engine had hard seats fitted at some point before my time. Cant imagine any other ways it could break. Either way I guess the head needs to come off?


Annoyed now... My other car (Vauxhall Vectra 6-Speed Auto), only has the first three gears at the moment... Joy!




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Bad luck Henry. But thank goodness it happened here. Just to make you feel a little better, I took my modern for an MOT today, needs two new tyres, apparently. £320 + MOT money!  :o


So spring is permanently compressed and you've got a massive tappet gap?  Is the spring OK? Not broken? Valve not jammed/bent? 8mm that's 0.3 inch!  Is the insert that thick? Can't think of anything else except head off. 

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Yep..... one slightly out of position valve seat! Hopefully there's no more serious damage and a bit of time and small expense will repair.


At least it happened after your trip, and close to home.... my Landrover blew a radiator 'octopus-style' hose on the M6 on the way to Stoneleigh in 2010; no replacement available so I wasted the price of tickets, the ferry and the accommodation by having to turn round and be trailered all the way home.

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