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Overdrive output shaft seal

Steve C

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Lifted engine and gearbox as a complete unit to get access when I did one a few years ago.

Recently had to change the gearbox in my Vitesse it was bad enough getting the replacement on the back of the engine with both out of the car. Left manifold carburettors alternator etc. on the engine just needed a new manifold to exhaust pipe gasket, but it comes down to what equipment you have access to.





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once the prop is unbolted and dropped down a bit you can  release  the tail mount lift it high enough to remove the nut and coupling should push off ok , 

oik the old seal out and tap in replacement,  get ready to catch any oil and top up when finished


this all depends on how much floor was cut back to fit the unit, you may need to extend the cut off prop tunnel a bit more


if you  do jack the box up watch the exhaust and fan/hoses  etc.



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