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  1. Made this earlier this year from scraps to hold a component from the Vitesse while refurbishing it. Regards Paul.
  2. Have this handbook if any owner interested. Regards Paul.
  3. Isn't that base jumping? but you are allowed a parachute. Regards Paul
  4. View from top Ranworth church tower. Regards Paul.
  5. Just a slightly different view of my Vitesse when out this morning. Regards Paul.
  6. 68vitesse

    Exhaust hanging

    This is a solid fixing to the bellhousing, leastwise on my Vitesse, a metal strap from bellhousing to an exhaust clamp to hold the downpipe rigid at this point. Regards Paul.
  7. Found the best way to start my Vitesse after a few days is to turn it over on full choke for a few revolutions, walk away for a few minutes then usually starts up and push choke in then a bit out. No need for an electric fuel pump. Regards Paul
  8. Been a number of posts. Regerds. Paul
  9. The early 2L engine used a pump with a different arm as I have found out to my cost. Regards Paul.
  10. I have used Halfords refills cut to size on my Vitesse, the blades in the relatively expensive stainless ones I bought where useless hence the Halfords refills. Regards Paul
  11. Back in the day had a 1500TC, thick squashy seats and comfortable like an armchair, traded it in for a RWD Mk1 Cavalier, seats thinner and firmer but just as comfortable. Regards Paul.
  12. Always thought the 13/60 was a nice compromise, bit more get up and go than the 1200 and not the thirst of a Vitesse. Regards Paul.
  13. I am over six foot and over seventy with a Mk1 2L Vitesse convertible and have no trouble driving it for hours on end, the wrong seats in a convertible will reduce the rear movement of the seat by 2 to 3 inches. https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/7239-vitesse-front-seat-2l-mk1-or-2l-mk2-or-saloon-or-convertible/ Regards Paul.
  14. And if there isn't a pump free how long do you have to wait? whereas two people in front of you at a charging point you had better be in a camper for the long wait. Regards Paul
  15. Is the panic over? went shopping this morning all garages past, open without unusual queues and supermarket had everything I wanted. Is the news media telling me porkies?. Regards Paul.
  16. 68vitesse


    TRGB Somersham, but it was a good many years ago, don't want to restart another discussion but always used with Silicone brake fluid despite what the instruction book said. The manifold connection uses 16mm banno fittings of eBay. Regards Paul.
  17. Mk1 gasket all holes line up ok but original has reinforcing rings on end and middle holes and is 1.9mm thick repro 1.5mm thick. When buying NOS gasket sets I always check that the commonly used ones have not been replaced with repros. Regards Paul.
  18. 68vitesse


    I have a Powetune 1.9 to 1 in my Mk1 2L Vitesse, told it was a Taiwanese copy of a Lockheed unit, for some years and would not go back to unassisted brakes. Used the original master cylinder and did not drill any extra holes in manifold or body to fit so easily reversable. Regards Paul.
  19. Bought some rear diff casing gaskets from one of the main suppliers that where to small, got the usual reply no-one else has complained. Made my own for my "non standard" diff casing.😜😜😜😜 Regards Paul.
  20. Electric conversion or non triumph engine conversion etc etc. whats the difference, your car your choice. Not criticising anyone or anything done to a triumph to keep it on the road. If its not driven its an ornament. Regards Paul
  21. 132080 Clutch lever, common to all Vitesse and GT6. GRB206 Release Bearing, Spit.1, Herald to 65 coil spring clutch and Vitesse 6 also coil spring. 116298 Bearing carrier, unique to Vitesse 6. Slave cylinder should have a spring in it to take up free travel, self adjusting. Regards Paul
  22. If I look at some tools I've bought, i.e Plasma cutter, I know what you mean. Thanks for the reply. Regards Paul
  23. Been trying to convince myself to buy an ultrasonic cleaner, either 6 or 10 Litre, any thoughts from those who have used them. Looked at quite a few YouTube videos which would suggest the larger one, with putting item in sealed plastic bag or pot with the cleaning solution so as not to contaminate the tank. Regards Paul
  24. 68vitesse


    Wouldn't have said so, can't see any cables. More 侧固定 Regards Paul
  25. Typical competence from our leader 🤔🤔 or have we just been unfriended by the rest of the world. Regards Paul.
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