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  1. Had one off the ratchet straps around the chassis and through the rear windows so only way it was falling off was to take the roof with it. An interesting drive. Regards Paul.
  2. Agree about 70KG definitely less than 100KG, once carried a Vitesse chassis about 300miles on roof bars fitted to a Triumph 1500FWD. Regards Paul.
  3. If overdrive fitted quite a bit of oil will remain so a couple of drains not a bad idea. Had a couple of teeth break off third gear on the cluster, held by magnetic drain plug untill I got home. Needed replacement cluster and third gear only. Regards Paul
  4. Thought I read somewhere that aluminium wheels need a different torque setting to steel. Or am I just dreaming. Regards Paul.
  5. I have an early and late 2L Mk1 engine, the early shares a lot of features with the 1600, the early engine has an adaptor for the oil pressure switch the later engine does not. This is not a T piece used to connect a switch and gauge. Regards Paul
  6. Also been looking as it involves a 400 mile plus round trip so weather dependent so did not want to prebook. Midnight tonight is cut off for prebook, saving £5.00 for the Sunday, and paperwork sent out two weeks before event according to website. Perhaps just Duxford this year as well under half the distance. Regards Paul.
  7. From old black loose leaf PM. Regards Paul
  8. Had to look up the launch date, now sitting here feeling old and depressed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Regards Paul.
  9. Just a quick question, if I use the mini flanged cylinder head nuts, Vitesse 2L Mk1 engine, I do not need washers under them. Is this correct?. Thanks in anticipation. Regards Paul.
  10. Picture from when I stripped solenoid to replace o rings, important ones are on shuttle, five in total sizes on buckeye triumph. Be careful when removing circlip, best down in plastic bag in case it tries to escape. Regards Paul.
  11. Is this the thread?. Regards Paul Regards
  12. Have you looked at the Securon site?. http://www.securon.co.uk/seatbelts_layouts.htm Regards Paul.
  13. The cap on my Vitesse has a slot cut in the seal retainer, I always assumed this was how the tank vented. Regards Paul.
  14. Fitted inertia reel to my Vitesse convertible for front seats, Securon 514/30. Made a new hole in rear wheel arch with reinforcement plate underneath, to allow clearence for the hood. Regards. Paul
  15. 68vitesse


    Always puzzled me why people prefer to believe rumour or friend of a friend rather than people with impressive qualifications who have spent years studying a problem. Regards Paul
  16. Never used mechanical gauges, electric seemed easier, any suggestions etc. would just be the result of a google search. Regards Paul.
  17. Appears both parts of the gauge are mechanical, the temperature tube usually contains ether, has any part been damaged to let it leak out?. Regards Paul
  18. On my Vitesse 2L Mk1 used a Revotec adjustable sensor in the bottom hose and a slimline 14in. fan fixed by brackets welded to the radiator shroud. Very tight, had to modify the fan shroud and relaced the fan fitting with a modified shaft collar to hold the crank pully in place to get room to change the fan belt. Regards Paul.
  19. 68vitesse


    My alternatives have been tried. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunpowder_engine Regards Paul
  20. Recently bought a pump kit of eBay, a recognised Triumph part supplier, as advertised as compatible with 10% ethanol. The diaphragm holes not a good match so sent photograph to supplier, below is a copy of an email just received. Good to see a supplier concerned about the quality off their product. Regards Paul "Just an update on this product. We have made the manufacturer aware of the problems with the accuracy of the diaphragm and they are now doing tests at their end with an original AC pump. In light of this I think there will not be an immediate satisfactory resolution to this issue, so I have sent you a complete refund for now. My apologies for not being able to provide a replacement kit and for the moment we have withdrawn this product from sale across the board for all models. Unfortunately it does seem some companies do their product research and development in real time and mark success by not having any returns which I find incredibly frustrating and foolhardy!"
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    Presumably this translates to maximize profits. Regards Paul
  22. 68vitesse


    Not going to join the EV versus ICE disagreement. As I understand it a law was passed saying that ICE cars had to be fitted with a catalytic converter rather than that they must meet certain polluting standards therefore stifling alternative solutions. Surely it would be better to say that a vehicle had to meet certain lifetime standards and it didn't matter how it was done. Or is this to simple?. Regards Paul.
  23. Do you have the anti-lift catches fitted, only used on convertibles. Regards Paul.
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