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Metalastic bushes

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Just had a thought.........It might be a stupid one but may be worth a discussion.

As good quality new Metalastic bushes are hard to find and/or expensive, has anyone ever considered making them out of Polyurethane?  Would they be strong enough to withstand the torque? Would Polyurethane bond with metal?

Any thoughts???

I've actually made up CV joints to replace the Metalistic bushes on my GT6, but I would have considered keeping them if there were other options.



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I take it you mean the rotoflex couplings?

I expect the costs of manufacture would be high, and the market small. Most people seem happy to use the cheap ones (I guess there is an assumption that the cars get little use, and so should be OK??) and at the moment the CV conversions is a viable alternative to genuine metalastic couplings. So not much of an opening.....

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not found the site but there were a company making look alike neoprene type  rotoflex couplings for marine drives , but so  far ive not been able to revisit  ie they look identical , not the over complicated ive managed to find

theres some good advice on the Imp and lotus forums as they use the same doughnuts 



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