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Changing type of clutch - what bits differ?

Colin Lindsay

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I'm now starting to look at fitting my recon gearbox to an alloy bellhousing.... simply because I have one!

It's from an early coil-spring Herald but I'm intending to switch to diaphragm setup. I know the release bearing and slave cylinder differ (as well as the clutch plate but will be replacing all clutch components from a new diaphragm kit) and using the flywheel from a later car.

I don't think there are any other bits that differ but all suggestions welcome before I begin.

I'm assuming / hoping that the release arm is the same and all I need to do is change the bearing, but it's proving impossible to get off... the pivot pin won't budge so can't get the arm out, and so can't get any good positions to get the two small roll pins out that hold the bearing clamps. Any tips for pressing these out?


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I think you're correct as the new bearing is also curved...

What about the size of the bearing mounting? There's at least an inch difference... so that would put the bearing considerably farther forward against the clutch. 

I'll be replacing the bearing anyway, and the complete clutch kit I've had salted away since the last millennium (honestly!) has a curved bearing for the diaphragm setup.

I can't take the chance of building up the wrong assembly, and having to strip it all down again once the car won't drive... so I'll opt for the shorter one with the curved bearing. If I can work out how to remove the bearing, and replace the new one...

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Hopefully got it sorted; I've gone for the shorter arm which had the curved bearing, as opposed to the longer one with the flat bearing which looks to be for the coil setup.

All assembled now so to late to go back.

The bearing is just a press fit (no hidden dowels or pins to catch me out) and the new one went on very easily once the housing was in the freezer for ten minutes.... 


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