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Vitesse 6 brakes


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Have you lost any brake fluid? If you top it up and it's leaking it may work for a while but you will suddenly get foot to the floor. Look in your parking spot for tell tale signs of liquid.  It's more common to be the rear brake cylinder rubbers, take off the drums and have a look. Tell us what you find.

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Adding to Doug's point, does the car have an aftermarket brake servo fitted ?? If so, fluid may be going in to that via a failed diaphragm - however you will get the tell-tale signs of smoke being emitted via the exhaust.

If no servo fitted then it is a case of seeking & searching as Doug has mentioned.

Good luck.


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On another thought does it loose hydraulic pressre completely and pedal, really drops fully to the end of its stroke

or ,  it drops a goods amount  and you are not loosing any fluid ??

Does the pedal, build up if pumped a couple of times?

And check the front hub bearing dont have excessive end float as this pushes the pads back and you loose pedal

Untill pumped a bit to push the pads back out only for the pedal drop to return



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