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Reverse gear crunch


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My forward gears are fine, but I'm occasionally getting a crunch when selecting reverse (pumping the pedal doesn't improve it). I vaguely remember that one cause might be worn gear stick linkage mechanism. Is this correct?  I see there's a repair kit available, should I invest in one?

Hydraulics might be another cause, but forward gears are fine. Unfortunately, I've turned the flats off the bleed nipple trying to bleed the clutch (a failed attempt to upgrade it to silicone). So I can't sort that until the gearbox tunnel's off and I can get at the slave. 

I'm sound/heat proofing the shiny new plastic tunnel so once that's ready I can get the old one off and re-furb the slave and the linkage mechanism. 

Answered my own question really.

Thanks Doug!

But am I correct, could the linkage mechanism be the cause?


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doug  , it sounds like clutch drag ( lack of use can aggravate) it wont crunch in 1/2/3/4 as the synchro  will try to bauk engagement 

you may notice a little more effort to get 1st.with minor disc spin.

reverse has no syncro so any spinning makes the grating crunch as you engage slow moving gears , 

if the gate is fairly positive  H pattern and reverse is well off to  press down ,left and forward then bushes sound to be ok 

take the car out and do some extended clutch slip under power in high gear,, if will smell a bit,  dont cook it or wreck it but some fairly aggressive disc conditioning may give you a clean change .     



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