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Front Higher than Rear


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My Dad and I have a 1974 MK4 Spitfire 1300 and now the car is complete (as it was literally in a box when we bought it) we want to get it looking perfect!

We have a few structural issues where I was wondering if anyone could help?

Firstly it looks as if the front is sitting nose up and the car is higher at the front than the back? all the suspension seems spot on and was all new and the measurements from the floor to chassis seem even?

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance! 




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Not uncommon as new springs are not often the correct spec. And then the curveball of the spring pan height of the front shocks, some are way out (the black cheap ones are notorious!)

Safest bet is to use the car and clock up some miles (as in a thousand or more) to get the springs to all settle. It may be worth loading the car with some extra weights if you wish to speed the process up. Then have another measure up and see how the spring lengths compare with the factory specs. Then decide what you wish to do.....

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