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  1. Its aimed at Windows primarily because it is the most popular main stream OS. Linux though pretty much powers the internet - because its essentially free! My home network is based on Linux - I have redunant DNS servers sitting on two Raspberry Pi's - my managed network also sits on a Pi = though it can run on Windows too - My three NAS drives are basicaly Linux boxes.
  2. I had my flu vaccine this afternoon - after taking my mum this morning for her booster. Went in the spitfire this afternoon as it was out of the garage as I was doing some prep work before we have solar panels installed. And the sun was out! I think herd immunity is pretty much impossible with 90%+ - Alpha was about 75% if my memory serves - that would have been possible. But 90? Too many people are idiots and would rather take an unproven drug than what they call an experimental vaccine. Bit of an oxymoron 🤣
  3. Me too - was one that was recommended to me by someone else - and it has very good stats for trapping things - very good customer service - I've had the need to contact them in the past when I had to change the account from my Dad to my Mum after he died and they were excellent.
  4. I've an old copy of the MSA yearbook - and back in 2014 road rallies had a limit of 98db at 1/2meter and 86 at 2m - that was 2/3rd max rpm. Events can obviously vary this to suit local conditions. I don't think it has particularly changed. So 74dB must be at a greater distance than 2m. No idea what my exhaust is like. I've never measured it - but its louder than standard. But does have a centre silencer as well as the two at the end.
  5. I’ve got the flu booked for tomorrow. At Tesco of all places 🤣 wont be getting the covid booster until December as that is when it will be 6months since the 2nd dose. i am taking my mum for her booster tomorrow - not at millennium point this time but edgebaston cricket ground. Not been there for over 40years 🤪
  6. I did a job years ago to upgrade the old controller to a new one - cursory look at the panel insued and I was issued with the panel drawings. Marked up the drawings for the new kit and gave it to the site spark (More than a spark and actually has gone on to be an excellent controls engineer!) - he came back later with it all done, but said that he had to work it all out again as the controllers in the panel weren't the ones fitted as they had been upgraded previously! The panel in question has since been ripped out during a plant update!
  7. To be fair, you shouldn't limit it to the Government. Politicians in general can be given that lable. One problem with discussing politics is that it can be very devisive often with neither side willing to listen to the other as they are always wrong. I suspect JohnD that you are one of those people who simply shouts down anyone elses views that don't match yours - actually I don't have to suspect, there is plenty of evidence already. SO this means that this will be my first and last post on this thread.
  8. I hate the new (I say new - they have been out for years!) colour systems - makes absolutely no sense to me (Less even than GB/UK!) - Especially when you have 3 blacks for the live 3 phases with just a marker for the actual phase on the end! As for UK single phase voltages - mine is all over the places. This is mine today.
  9. Ah the question I posed was whether what he did was a "Real job" as you suggested it wasn't - not what he was paid - at least not initially. You seem to suggest that given he is in the same circles as the LSO and Opera Signers he is. And you have compared a Opera Chorus singer to Ed Sheeran - not a comparison you can realistically make. Lead Opera Singer yes. Ed Sheran's chorus wont earn Millions either. Though I do believe he pays his staff very well with decent bonus's. And some Opera Signers do earn Millions a year. How do you limit the earnings of an Artist? Tax? That would just make them move somewhere else. And when their career collapses (Don't think Ed Sheerans is going to do so anytime soon!) what do they then do for money? When earnings are related to number of things sold - or in Ed Sheerans case also how many sales another singer makes using the songs he has written for them, you can't complain when he earns a lot. Bit like peice work in a factory. Fred makes 10 and takes £100 home, Sid makes 100 and takes £1000 home. Is that fair?
  10. Why do you consider a musician not a "real" job? I assume you extend that to Opera singers, Orchestra musicians etc? He is lucky enough to be one of the few that can write, play and sing and people want to listen to it and buy it. Is £21M too much? maybe, but until football players and F1 drivers are paid a sensible wage I think they are worth whatever they can get.
  11. No it couldn't have been phased in as its something the Goverment applies to the UN for and seems to be only one official monicer is allowed. Was a bit of a cock up to go from GB with the EU rings to GB with the union flag to UK in just 9 months - but I do understand the logic of the UK change to encompase NI - as mentioned by Clive. The AA are moaning amongst others having got a shed load of GB badges made up. Given the lack of being able to go abroad for the last 9months seems like they jumped too quickly when there was no real demand
  12. The last test that my Spitfire went through and passed eventually - was largely due to the testers inability to adjust the carbs - now to be fair as a test they shouldn't have adjusted them as that isn't there remit - but they did try and totally balls them up - idle was too high and they adjusted one and not the other and didn't release the choke cable first.
  13. I’m not keen on his latest tbh. Too much faffing around. There are various good YouTube channels that are much better. One is a Canadian one which they are fitting a LS v8 into a Gt6. Enjoyable and was a basket case and will be a nice when it’s done. Another car has been saved with the chassis they rebuilt before having a change of plan. I digress. 🤣
  14. Edd China put a Range Rover into the MOT to see how bad it was - initially the tester refused to test it - they was persuaded to do so - Had a list of 40 failures and a few advisories. Why he put it in I don't know, because a blind man with a blind dog could have seen 99% of the faults picked up.
  15. Yeah that confuses the ECU - used to put the Disco into fault mode. Never found the need to left foot brake to be honest. Hand brake was handy at times - though don't try it with an EPB in a Land Rover or Range Rover.🤣
  16. Funnily enough it doesn’t bother me. I jump from my auto to a manual and back and never have to think about the leg. left hand drive cars are the same. Only driven a few and only one in the U.K. but just do it. Biggest issue i had was when I drove a hire car in Spain when I was about 21 or 22. Kept driving in the gutter for the first hour or so because I was trying to drive on the right hand side of the road forgetting that there was another 4 or 5 feet of car to my right. 🤣
  17. Back in the late 80’s my first job was with the government. Had to sign the official secrets act. left after 2 years and had to sign it again. Never understood why. not that i knew any secrets anyway.
  18. I thought that too. But it did my head in 🤣
  19. I find when backing out of the garage that I hit the clutch rather than the brake - have resorted to the handbrake before now when I couldn't work out why it wasn't slowing!
  20. You can use the LHD switch and swap it over to RHD - I did it, but can't remember what I did to get the arrows to be right - may have swapped the arm itself.
  21. I have some red handled Stanley’s. The very big one was damaged probably by misuse as a kid of 17 or 18 On car. The terminal screwdriver was superb and is sorely missed as it got stolen. Wera are my current driver of choice. Not cheap but not made of cheese either.
  22. I noticed this to another email account (Another club account) - I mean seriously? They could at least make an effort!
  23. An odd title you might think and it probably is, but bear with me. Popped into see some friends on the way back from our holiday in Yorkshire yesterday - they live near York and was about a 10minute diversion. Anyway, Nigel has 4 old cars - none on the road at the moment as he and his wife are probably 2years from the end of extending their house - they started it 10 years ago. In his large (6 cars if you got the other crap out first) garage there is his wifes 13year old BMW 5 series - currently drying out and awaiting new modules after the pano roof leaked into the floorpan and boot - and an Opel Manta from 1976. What struck me and Nigel also commented is that it looks fairly modern - certainly a heck of a lot more modern looking than my Spitfire (And older!) but not something that you would necessarily think of as a Historic vehicle - His Ascona is newer at 1978 and his two Marlin kitcars are positively new at 1988 and 1990. He even had to check the maths on the one as he couldn't believe it was 33 years old. He does intend to get them all back on the road when he has finished the house - which I'm sure he will do.
  24. My last 2 tanks have been about 32. Thats no overdrive, Newman’s cam skimmed head 4 branch manifold and sports exhaust. i want to swap the needles out for a slightly different profile as I think it’s running a bit lean.
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