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  1. I was actually in the office for just gone 7am this morning - so the traffic was quiet- and coming home tonight it wasn't bad either - but I think schools are either already broken up or close to it!
  2. Took the car to work today - had our first face to face office meeting for 18months - and as it was a nice day with a reasonable forecast (As in low chance of rain) I took the car - I had already checked the insurance and it covers commuting!
  3. Anglefire


    I follow a couple of guys on YouTube, Rich Rebuilds and Hoovies Garage - once you get over the americanisums then they interesting. The first is into EV's and owes a few electric garages. But also likes petrol - and has recently converted a Tesla to a V8 I mention because The guy who does Hoovies garage bought a 8year old Tesla - it was fine for a couple of weeks when there was a battery fault recorded - and the range was restricted to 50miles. Unfortunately it was a few months out of battery warranty - and Tesla wanted $16-20k to replace all the batteries - which effectively writes the car off - ok it can be largely recycled - but it means a $100k car is worthless in 8 years. Fortunately Rich Rebuilds through one of his garages can get it fixed they hope for about $1000 or so - much more reasonable - and keeps the car on the road and worth something. What I find really frightening is that Tesla basically aren't interested. All they want to do is sell you new cars and component assemblies.
  4. I went for a drive out yesterday. To a photoshoot I was involved in and managed to get the car into the story.
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    That was a bit flamey. 🤪
  6. Anglefire


    Yes on the road would be fine - at home I'm not so sure unless I meter it (Which I can easily enough) And then I get 45p/mile for the first 10k and 25p/mile thereafter - which is offsetted against the fuel that I buy on the fuel card. Not sure how it works with electric. Same I assume
  7. And cruise tends to make them worse - unless its flat. Cruise in my Modern is limited to 100mph - which was slightly irritating going through Germany to Italy in 2019 - 110 was a nice speed. I did drive a Merc E class and that was happy to be in cruise north of 130. In 9th. 🤪
  8. Anglefire


    I certainly don't do hundreds everyday - but a round trip of more than 200 is fairly common - more common than having a EV allows - having two cars just doesn't work. And the other issue for me is how does the company pay for my fuel? Electric still costs.
  9. I remember seeing something about modern electrics and how much weight in wiring there is now - my Spitfire has probably 10-20kgs of wiring - a modern probably 80kgs - and that is with fibre and other networks - its even why they make bespoke looms for cars (And it stops people adding factory options by reprograming) to save weight when the option isn't specified. But yes modern features do add up a lot - TV screens - bigger seats - bigger doors, bigger wheels and tyres.
  10. Anglefire


    One reason is not been stuck with a 200mile range and then an hour to recharge. Kills it for me anyway (Pure electric) as anything affordable with more than 300miles doesn't exist.
  11. Anglefire


    My wife has a Honda Jazz - and it has lower emissions than a Toyota hybrid thing (The one all the celebs bought to be seen as good for the environment) - yet the Jazz has excise duty to pay annually and the hybrid thing doesn't. As for Hybrid, no one has yet addressed the cost of producing hydrogen. One way or other its split from water and that takes energy - so the overall conversion can't be more than 50% efficient
  12. I watched a video the other day with a SD1 V8 that had been in a garage for about 20years - and we all think - SD1 - big car - but actually only weighs in at 1.4tonne - just shy of 3000lbs. Similarly the Golf - Mk1 GTI was a flying machine - the current one to get the sort of performance has an engine twice as big!
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    Many years ago as a kid we had a cat and it was a really lovely gentle thing with other people and particularly kids and babies. Even when a baby tugged it’s fur, the worst it would do is pad them away with sheathed claws. But if i egged it on it would go for me and scratch and claw me mercilessly. And bite from memory. And although I would have welts on my arms and tooth marks I never had a reaction that I know of. Have all my limbs intact still anyway.
  14. Anglefire

    Decibel Meter

    Surely the limit depends on the track? I'm sure at Mira the limit was 98db (antilag not allowed) - other venues are 100db - and Le Mans was higher than that - so the BMW M whatever rear engined car could run with basically 2 3" or 4" pipes off the manifold through the turbos and out the back - they had another exhaust for noise limited tracks that apparently twisted around the engine bay to get the silencers in and also robbed them of a measurable amount of power.
  15. Yes it was - and named after Deep Thought the computer in Hitchhikers guide.
  16. It’s like the delta variant. We have massive capacity for sequencing it. Other countries don’t and often sub it to us. As a result it’s going to be in Europe more than is suggested.
  17. That’s a very good question. Testing more does capture more. At least initially if there is surge testing. And in theory if the ones “caught” isolate the numbers should go down again. Should. 🤷‍♂️
  18. The UK has done 213Million tests so far according to the Worldometers website over 3 per person. Which is the highest for any country over about 11Million. The next highest per person of a similar size is France - and they have done about 1/2 as many tests. Begs the question how many people in other countries have covid without it being recorded - same in the UK to be fair.
  19. In the bin here. I've done 13 so far.
  20. A few years ago whilst on a trip to the Pyrenees, we ended up at the campsite before it opened - but the bar was. So we parked up line astern in the entrance and went in the bar. After several small beers the campsite opened - but me and a couple of others had got the thirst for it - and stayed a bit longer than we planned - I did drive into the campsite to where my mate had setup camp and was cooking tea. Remarkably I hit nothing - and next day was absolutely fine.
  21. If you must solder (I don't like it for several reasons) then make sure its acid free. But IMHO crimps are much better and its how the industry connects wires together.
  22. Many moderns are higher than that (15+) to reduce current for a given power - so high that they have to soft start halogen bulbs so they don't blow on startup!
  23. Yes across the battery terminals - should see around 12.4v with the engine off and rising to over 14v when at a fast idle - from memory anyway
  24. yes the police wouldn’t do the students for indecent exposure until something like 7am next morning. It was 1983 and was all over the papers next day - students in wild sex parties. Some were lucky. Not me. 🤣
  25. There was a local pub in Birmingham that I used to frequent when I was about 17/18 that was a "police" pub. Basically the local cops used to drop in at the end of their shift at about 11pm - most weeks it was "open" til 1am. When the landlady retired, the coppers threw a big party for her as a thank you! The pub was due to be demolished to make way for a roundabout, but they reworked the scheme to keep it, I think it is now closed - but not 100% sure due to covid.
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