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Started after lay up.

Steve P

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So today i attempted to get my Vitesse out after it not running since September,i`m ashamed to say that as i normally use it all year round.But i have been so busy with work and acquiring and building an 18 foot man shed in my garden,(in poxy weather).


It has a 2.5 lump and a Facet electric pump on it,i turned it over with no pump running to get the oil going,then engaged the pump.The pump sounded like it was sucking air only so i checked and found the pickup rubber pipe from tank to pump in the boot had hardened and was loose on the pipe connection,not only that but the metal pipe that goes into the tank was flopping about and could be withdrawn from the securing nut easily,is there supposed to be an olive or something here?.


I replaced the knackered rubber pipe with another and got it started and took it out for a blast after pumping the tyres up,clutch bearing is still making a whining noise when the clutch is depressed.Annoying but i missed not using it.


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