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Smiths Heater decals


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I am assembling my restored Vitesse and need to fit the correct heater decals.

It originally had aluminium plates glued on to the cover (see below), but I don't think they are correct, as there are no rivet holes in the casing

There are various model numbers for these heaters, but many of the labels available seem to be for MGs

The concours Vitesse in the TSSC headquarters has the FHR 3456 label, but this also appears on MGBs

Can anyone tell me which model of Smiths heater was fitted in this car and hence which labels I need




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Not suzie  , for a  Vitesse its really dave rumens  posts on here as davevitesse, if he had the answer im sure it would have appeared by now

I cant trace the oe smiths part /model numbers   the bottom one was common on all uk cars often  just  tied to the heater hose


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Thanks Pete

I will try Dave. It seems strange that there is no list of which heaters were fitted to which cars.

I have had no joy either.

I don't suppose it matters in the scheme of things, but it would be nice to know I have the correct one

I wonder if there are any books at HQ that might tell me?

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the  Vit6 parts list gives a range of body numbers  ( great they were never recorded ) where the heater part number changed   it lists 3 .  part numbers , and this is well before the delayne arrived on the scene.

it shows two labels apparently  stuck ? to the matrix box  , dosnt say what they are   though.



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