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Cv Conversion Herald 13/60

Steve P

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I have the Jones,Bowler conversion on my Vitesse and it is excellent,however no longer available.(I think Nick is machining more adapters).

I am putting together parts for converting my Herald and have a full roto setup on the bench,I am not clear with the shimming aspect,when i stripped it all down there were no shims that i could see?

I am using the Jigsaw type/Rimmers shafts using the original hub etc.

Any advice appreciated,i would have posted on CT as well but their new site is too annoying.


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Hi Steve,

Sometimes there are no shims as such but there should be a small spacer on the shaft right up against the thick ring that the inboard oil seal runs on.  These spacers are (or used to be) available in 5 different sizes and only fine tuning was done with 0.003" shims.


Item 63 in the pic.  Item 64 is the shim where fitted


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