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948 tubular manifold query

Colin Lindsay

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I've been asked by an overseas member with a 948 TC Herald whether or not the TSSC Club Shop tubular manifold will fit his car. It's advertised for a 1200 and no supplier that I can see lists one for the 948 (although some state they will build any manifold to requirements)

A quick yes or no needed: will it fit the 948 head?

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If you google the Gasket part Number its GEG615 which is the same for both the 948 & 1200. To me this means it should will be fine. Although please see my post regarding a misfire after fitting an S/S system.

To be 100% I'd call or email the shop though...


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That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure, not having a 948 head to check and of course the cast manifolds are two different part numbers and a slightly different design. It was just because the manufacturers listed only one part number that I thought: maybe it's because they don't supply one for the 948 at all...

Thanks guys.

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