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Sand/Grit Blasting Companies - North West


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I'm in the process of stripping the GT6 back to bare metal. However the bonnet underside is coated with a mixture of things - paint, underseal and goodness knows what else. I've start to remove it but it'll clearly take many weeks and even then I doubt I'll be able to get into the more inaccessible places. So I'm thinking of getting it blasted. Does anyone know of/can recommend/have experience of any outfits in the Merseyside/Cheshire/North West/North Wales areas who do this type of work?



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Hello Paul,

I've not had any bodywork blasted but my understanding is that there are mixed reviews as with all such situations.

Have you considered getting the bonnet / panel work dipped and stripped ??

This company is well thought of: https://www.envirostripgbltd.com/industrial/auto-restoration/

The downside is that it may be too far for you although they are open 24hrs a day bar weekends.

Again, price wise I do not know - but out of the two stripping options, I would probably go for the chemical route as less damaging IMHO.

Good luck.


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thanks for the advice. I'd just spoken to a couple of guys in a local club I'm a member of and they'd advised exactly the same. I'd also been experimenting and found that if I soak the areas with a paint stripper, STRIP AWAY PRO, for 30 minutes it comes away really easily just leaving whatever residual paint etc. that's underneath which I can easily deal with. Thanks again.


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