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  1. Very well done Coiln, your face will "ache" from the permanent grin Tony.
  2. poppyman


    That was one reason i never bought Snap-on when i had my business unless was special that made the job easier. Friends with full or a lot of Snap_on were always getting broken in to. They are nice tools, just sadly not worth the problems that went with them. I wondered sometimes how "straight" the franchise owner was..... Tony.
  3. You are right there Doug, i just wished i could remember what it was Tony.
  4. poppyman


    Re the clock, i was told they were a "barbers" clock put opposite the mirror. Tony.
  5. Fleabay are getting like that Chris..... Tony.
  6. A friend bought this to restore a while back.... Gonna take a while Tony.
  7. You haven't started it yet Mathew Good luck with it though. Tony.
  8. Get one one these Jeff, i have one on my Dolomite, saves the starter and battery. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272494631575?epid=2116235121&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3f71f21a97:g:yHUAAOSw2xRYXARY&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSlHY%2FYTip4QFVjNQrCEJt6vu%2FY4%2Bqnw1vlNhyP2DxcoxDq1B5N587sKFvPYg6oGIu4c5ed7doa318rJ4TDWuZuSLHBSguDaFi0yowRt5TsB%2Fr0WIBRQSm41cO1lJkrL7w7FBHxzO9ZMGtETGUicxYZIXk7oUoKhQUV%2F4Z%2BQUcG8s7%2BmhZwbBXgQ0EmRIi9UXANE0RLI4%2BndqCsiFeaGd%2FAYNjn%2BkRbdmMtCrnDHP2QcpoQrwJsNKUGoVK9WwcCPSGJ9T0OULKLyEonDeMu4MWEp%2FWgKdCwP%2BgtWCsBT3Z4jeznRVGeZJOQjfXqRXw6Xs8tV26cUIl72%2FSN3F0rG02agtvGaHPKayWX6g9sFezsBLnJzxLmtY2Bf7PRsN2vUoNkEvyJWZZdmedIy0VXge26BQfeSHPdNDQDLH%2BAlZKhUt3W88DKi7Dr%2Fg8J3TYgiFB2K%2FIvTKlX9bksMto3x2cFcbH%2F1Gt%2F3QL1a5TuyQHJZ1XGSolI3%2FYxdEYPQKPlikqieH%2BxMOy5HO7wdgOskYmq3Z54ARwczt%2BdQA6UPC22YPa36wCBmUv4clvUakWpinQC1pXFgpp07Aj7erE0nfeThWDNeWZgafIS%2BCGmyXQAnC4QeOIcDHW7Y5gGnUBQSd%2BMa0ivVae86oBphLpO6C9KWoEhwo0yM%2F5r5XyzyabpSxs2ULuGlYAaXNX%2Fs59CwM9067S%2FC0eIxlqUI%2F6tG8sILbopdzaelBfp7yYoKYCpN8rcr3xC9%2FKyWxWN0Uyf8KLIYhltl7BOX6xraO1CaGh9o6nGIt3asi4rCGcOhfKZ1hjlJ8SGGtYBrx13sDAwx3SNKoqNEnCr2ML5G5upmRv4Q%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 Tony.
  9. I use the impact driver with a 1/2 inch extension of varying lengths for screws and tight bolts on occasions. Tony.
  10. One of these work well and they are 1/2 inch drive https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233166109352?epid=5034423420&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3649c87aa8:g:EgEAAOSwoSNciU4W&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSRAQR8FABHjfpFoyRlXhWmZ5KItet80XbY%2BnSVoiUz0gYbaVvy4V7O%2FxLjpR3HN40m%2Fr%2FZF6iK8KRemeHLfAF7SZnng13EVtiw2mCPg6a3iHaHmT0i%2Bq2SWNhFG6IopxbJvnxZJxbYv%2FoBA%2Fvo12%2BOjjf7UYkXRgjRzp4eO0lG9thCJ08NKSIrCZd%2FXA%2FPHqXj2MDelFIdS9S4pthptU3Qyi2bSI3UUajrUB%2FKVb6EHy2kVmIipzQ9yHKS0DHSsz6wFUb%2FGcIIE8OqmzEqABE1X92pugEut8N47wGtvYVV8g2yUeop%2BYVsfkkaHphPPotNy4Kum0KozCH%2FoRSrO%2BTbZDUSvWeu6MSPa6qz1yuvNz9MpysZNhZx5bWOopeBXxj4nA0p91Dd1ib0A4sGCvWBQxiL1Fgw3DwQumuicxFjGgv5JlWazEVNy6OMXg9IVc4huPR5EWwWseD9ImpuCkrW%2BH049edgjidM1yHU7XBmQYp42PRMsAMmUdsExqHmzpMT0MEg2yx5hgDFTPm0oQA%2FmQ6ECjfYMy3WlyOIPn7sfj0Vx7LSBfGfNIH1Wy6IJy6HQB3P4XpuokKTtWzU7PeXjkS82UnZc8BYArYaS9Q%2FriyTvc2CK1Oxlwy25ZZPihHvH57ZWIBjVeldiXgl%2FCwy0Jxy1le2eSdHzl98MTwzNlr4ygHlkbcThSoK0GuJ6nP6syyOluA%2B0wiNQNqy5SvIfBKQ3gM0b88wudXiZns%2FWUhvTqQRFGUgqPR%2FtYCJMNqK3hFzK1pgExSlN2uPG7bafT12dhm7uXf%2FFSIsn2RnPXOfIYC4aRdZGFXOLI0Be%2BqaaeIKxbgaKWSOketGYTs5A%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 Tony.
  11. How about knock the nut through and try one of these first? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372228875618?hash=item56aa91e562:g:tYcAAOSwmftdQY~F Tony.
  12. Could you bring it nearer to me? Tony.
  13. Glad you are feeling a bit better Mathew. Surprising how driving after an illness tires you out. Got the "T" shirt sadly. Tony.
  14. I have to say apart from one show (Tatton park) i have stopped going to shows that lock you in. Classic car owners don't want to damage their cars on a pedestrian, How many people have had damage done to their cars by the public? Can we claim off the organizers? I doubt it. After all no cars... No show. Most of the HSE is down to common sense and the claim culture sadly. Tony.
  15. Just aim for a super high gloss finish Colin.......You will soon get it Always happens when i spray gloss black. Tony.
  16. I'm using NOD32 BW and have done for years, very rare that a scam gets through, even picks up on the odd dodgy fleabay site. Very happy with it. Tony.
  17. I think we must be related Mathew we have the same problem. Tony.
  18. Families always seem to be trouble, we only see most of ours if they are in trouble or need something. Friend's on the other hand are great... I can't understand why they are so different. Tony.
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