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  1. The centre brush isn't simply stuck in the up position Paula? It wouldn't be the first time. Tony.
  2. poppyman


    I got a book at the charity shop titled ‘A Guide to Surgical Procedures’. I opened it up and the appendix was missing.
  3. Superb choice of colour Mathew, one of my all time favourites Nice spray job as well. Tony.
  4. Sounds as if you are on the right track with fuel filters Paula. One thing to do after is take it for another run to try to get it to stop and if it does squirt some brake cleaner direct into the carb. If it starts its fuel, the air filter looks easy to get off with the wing nut. Tony.
  5. The spring does go behind the door card as BW says. Tony.
  6. The wire coat hanger is the easiest method, put coat hanger in with a side cutter crimp. when in to the crimp simply bend and snap off. No more lost pins. Tony.
  7. Hi Alastair, I had the very same thing on my 2500S, it would even fire and tickover, touch the throttle and it stopped. Eventually i changed the condensor...... started and ran perfectly. The previous weekend i had done close on 200 miles in it without missing a beat. Never had that sort of fault ever... Tony.
  8. poppyman


    I've been trying to get loads done this morning but I've just been going round in circles. Bloody steering wheel's locked again.
  9. I thunk i muss be drunc, didn't knew you have a stamp collection...
  10. Just started reading this BW, and you are right... Tony.
  11. poppyman


    Is Le Figaro written in English Chris? no good to me otherwise Ashamed to so say i never did language at school Tony.
  12. poppyman


    Much better and easier to read than "Le Monde" Chris Tony.
  13. New cars are just boring, but they do have a place. I for one have serious back problems and drive a Golf SV. The only things i like about the car is being able to get in without a massive screen rake, automatic a must and adaptive cruise control....... Apart from that it's not a car i would choose to drive on a daily basis. I love driving my Triumphs but not good for daily use, for me anyway. Tony.
  14. poppyman


    A bloke knocked on my door this morning asking if i'd be interested in climbing Everest for charity. An hour later there was someone else selling ice cubes followed by a guy offering cheap chest freezers. Then a women came up and said she had some great deals on skiing holidays. Bloody cold callers ruined my morning.
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