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  1. Paulfc

    Hey Diddle Lidl

    I see there’s tools at Lidl from Sunday, 6th.
  2. Colin, It hasn’t been rutting has it and lost them?
  3. DVD, your daughter learnt a “life lesson” so that’s no bad thing. These things do go too far the other way sometimes, my wife and I have banked with the same bank for 25 years+. We recently decided to move SOME money into another bank because it paid interest on the deposit (a measly 0.5%). Forty minutes on the phone, a 15 drive to the bank, 20 minutes in the queue and another 15 minutes face to face with the bank staff and we were eventually able to move it. Early in the process because of their “concerns” about our legitimacy they did actually take money out of our account and put it “nowhere” and flatly refused to move it back. Arghhhhhhh!
  4. Thanks one and all, much appreciated.
  5. I’m considering replacing the timber decking I have with a composite variant. I don’t believe I have to make any changes to the timber sub-structure: so I’ll just remove the deck and lay the composite planks. Has anyone done this and if so could I ask what the pros and cons were? Overall it’s about 60sq. mtrs. Thanks
  6. When an aunt of mine died I was going through a whole stack of of old photos on which she had written such illuminating comments as, “Blackpool, earlier this year”. “With Betty earlier in the year”, etc.etc.etc.
  7. ...... I see that on BBC4 on Monday at 9pm and repeated Wednesday at 11pm is a programme we may find interesting.
  8. Paul, If the Heritage certificate indicates the car was shipped to Jersey (or if you find it was at some point) and you have registration details, the way forward then is to contact Jersey Heritage ( and NOT the Jersey Government) who for a small fee will provide you with the previous owner details they have on file.
  9. Hi Roger, I have, thanks, and picked up some very useful info. It’s an excellent resource which I’m proud to say I’ve contributed to as well.
  10. Thanks Pete and Colin. I’m starting garner the the information I’m after. I am surprised at the lack of original technical data literature available on Lucas components. I’ve ordered a copy of the book Mathew mentioned and started to develop my technical/practical skills. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Mathew, I’m on the case!
  12. Try as I might I cannot find any technical data on the Lucas HA12 coil. Can anybody help? I’d like to know the primary and secondary windings figures. Thanks.
  13. Thanks all. I’m sure once I’ve digested a few things I’ll be back with more questions. I guess it’s an age thing but I increasingly find I have to understand the “why” of things rather than simply accepting what I’m told. Thanks for the patience shown.
  14. Hi all, thanks there’s plenty for me to go at there. Here’s a specific question: 12v goes into the coil what comes out via the HT lead? And another: why are some coils 12v, some 6v and others 9v? What does a ballast resistor do, and, can someone show me the maths behind it, please? Thanks
  15. Hi, I’m keen to improve my auto electrical know how as I want to feel confident things are safe if I undertake changes and/or electrical modifications to my Classic cars. So it’s an appreciation of the basic physics behind what I’m doing that I’m after. Can anyone recommend an easy to understand “Dummy’s” type guide to help me on my way? Thanks.
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