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  1. I’m sure the spammers would consider getting into our site as a Triumph and want to Herald it as a success! Thanks Admin/IT Support Team.
  2. That’s ingenious! Good luck with the rest of the restoration.
  3. Innovation will see us through. Farmers are an inventive bunch: pick your own strawberries/gooseberries etc. in June/July; pyo blackberries in September so it's only a small step to catch, despatch and pluck your own turkey December.
  4. John, thanks. You’ve pointed me towards products (dry-break) I know nothing about so I’ll start learning and see where I end up.
  5. Bfg, Thanks, yep that’s a consideration too.
  6. Thanks for suggestions. More food for thought so I’ll sort something appropriate before too long.
  7. Thanks Pete, I get the drift of what you are suggesting and will explore options further. I hadn’t considered using standard plumbing components to do it but will explore what’s available.
  8. As part of my plans to upgrade my fuel hoses I’d like to incorporate a drain tap on the outlet from the tank of my TR6. My current process for draining is to simply remove the hose from the outlet and quickly replace it with a divert hose - but never quickly enough! I’d appreciate any ideas folk have on how best to easily achieve this in a controlled way and advice on suitable components. As ever, thanks in advance.
  9. Paul, You’re a long way from home! I live close to Bromborough and haven’t seen a Mayflower around here in many a year.
  10. Gav, Personally I think that’s an outstanding example of thinking outside of the box! Definitely a candidate for innovation of the year award.
  11. Ian, Can you post some images of the chassis, maybe, say, four and someone on here will be able to tell you if it’s complete. Also, images of any area that you think maybe “dodgy” and, again, there’ll be someone who know what’s what. Good luck with the rebuild!
  12. Paulfc


    Looks like we’ve got our very own “me too” movement here! Had the same with my BMW 5-Series, “Next time you’re in front pads, and disks probably, will need doing”. “Just letting you know so it doesn’t come as a shock”. Almost two years later all is still well at the front.
  13. Many years ago my older brother completed his apprenticeship as a “motor mechanic” and went off to do his National Service. His apprenticeship had included heavy vehicles and recovery work. When his Sargent leant this he was instructed to, “Teach this bunch to drive, you have two weeks”. Twelve days later it was done.
  14. Thanks Scrapman. Can you expand please? I’ve never heard of this and would appreciate if you could explain it to me. Thanks. Paul
  15. Tom, As an ordinary member I just wanted to say thanks for the work done, and yet to be done. I’ve a lot of IT experience and what your taking on is, as I’m sure you’re only too well aware, no small undertaking. I sometimes feel members have expectations that are way off beam with the reality of what a club such as ours can and should deliver as part of the member experience. Yes, we pay fees and have, justifiably, a right to have reasonable services and service from the Club. Personally I believe the current balance of subscriptions v services is pretty good. Others, I’m absolutely certain, will, quite rightly, have other points of view which makes for a great Forum/Club. Paul
  16. Thanks all. Colin, it’s too large for a rivet but I’m sure I’ll find a suitable method to seal it. Paul
  17. Thanks guys. It is in the bell housing and definitely not draining oil from the gearbox! I can carefully insert a screwdriver in for just over 2”. Before I seal it (not sure how yet) I intend to insert a camera and see what I can see 🧐. Any ideas on how to safely seal it will be most welcome.
  18. Hi, The gearbox on my TR6 has a hole drilled into the base of the casing. Obviously(?) a post manufacturing mod, but why? It appears to be two holes drilled overlapping. Can someone please advise me? Thanks, Paul
  19. Clearly it’s that telephone/power line that’s keeping the large piece of wall from falling inwards. So, as long as that cable is in place you’ll be ok to nip up and cut the sign off. No, I’m not an expert, but I will project when it goes it will be a total building collapse. Given that there are numerous minor earthquakes each day it won’t be long I’m sure!
  20. Drove to within spitting distance of Malvern yesterday. Drive time estimated at under two hours. Actual drive time: five (5) hours. Decided to go non motorway and know the route well. Could not believe the traffic levels. But, enjoyed my time there and bought some bits I was looking for but will think long and hard about going that sort of distance again. p.s. there is clearly a grave shortage of GT6s.
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