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Been away a while, but possibly getting the itch to indulge again


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Owned two TR6's previously, got rid of them both in one way or another (one a long story involving a restoration project and a vindictive ex fiancee, the other just a case of not 'loving' the car for some reason).


Now living across the pond in Sunny California, and despite there originally being thousands of TR6s sold over here and me being here for nearly two years, I saw my first one while sitting in a bar a couple of weeks ago. I heard it first of course, and when I turned my head this gorgeous red beast came into view.


I must have sat still for 10 minutes while my mind drifted back to rare sunny day in the UK when I could get the car out of the garage, put the top down and cruise through country lanes, struggling with the heavy steering but enjoying the sounds of the engine and the stares of people as I drove past.


Had a quick look around, but couldn't find much club information over here, so for a while I'm going to enjoy reading about everyone else's exploits, seeing pictures of your cars, hearing stories about how you spent hours tinkering in the garage working on what for me was always a long list of 'things that need doing at some point'.


Great to see the Triumph marque still going strong though.


I've already spent quite a bit of time looking at the old regulars (Rimmer bros, TR Bitz etc)..just nostalgic I guess.





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what to get...oh I have no idea!!


I've been in touch with a couple of people over here. There is a fairly big following of English Classics and they class them that way rather than say the Triumph Club, or the MG club. The clubs cater for anyone with an old english car (there's even a guy over here with an XR3!!). 


Right now I drive a VW Jetta....and I hate driving down the freeway and seeing people in classic convertible mercedes, or an old mustang, or a TR of course (of which I've only seen one!!). I have a Harley so I do get the chance to coast through California in the way god intended, but for longer trips and anything involving the g/f, a old convertible is sorely needed.


If money was no object I'd buy an old 911 Convertible (964) from the mid nineties....but...more realistically, A TR6 would be within the realms of possibility.

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