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Triumph Herald 13/60 control box


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Yes, no problem; if you connect both into one spade connector it'll be a straight fit. Use a large connector that will comfortably take both and still fit on the regulator terminal.

I had to run out and check mine, which being a 1200 is different, so caused a bit of headscratching until I confirmed mine is correct, too. 

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Will have a double check later but was interested in how it ever worked , has this been disconnected and laid up for some time 

And the orig clues lost in time,  i guess it worked at some time in its life ...but how , two into one gets the problem youre confronted with 

Just puzzled about its past life 


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this firms up Colins post  the wiring colours changed between 1200 and 1360 but use the same RB106/2 box

the RB106/2 wiring on a 13/60 diagram is

E = black........... earth

F =  brown /green  ....dynamo   field      

D=  Brown/yellow  x 2      .... dynamo armature and warning lamp

A= brown x 2      ...........starter solenoid battery link  and ...horn feed 

A1 = brown /blue      .....ignition switch and light switch




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