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1/6th scale triumph GT6 mk3


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Starting nearly 3 years ago during a quiet time at work- mainly during my lunch break, I planned to use scraps of metal and bits n bobs (mainly) form IT components (CD drives, hard drives etc) to make a 1/6th scale model (as close as possible) using just inexspensive hand tools, with all part moving and functional as they should. I was hopeing it could "start" and run for a second or two on petrol just to prove it works.

Obviously i had to accept some things couldn't be 1/6th of the thickness etc to fully work and some things like oil ways dont run exactly the same, but the point is they should feed the same points, do the same job.eg the oil "should" pump to the big/little ends crank shaft cam shaft etc!

Up until starting on the engine I had only used files, hammers, cordless drills, hand taps, gas burner and durafix easy weld etc. I did Buy some U ali strips for the chassis, some bolts and threaded rod, sprung steel for the rear leaf spring, the front coil overs and shocks plus diff were from an old rc car.

Then I did buy a small lathe to make the crank and cam shafts. I struggled on my first attempts without the lathe. In fact had a few failures withe the lathe...

This was something ongoing for over a year while i was bored at work and work was volume was low (could do a few bits at my desk during my lunch). unfortunately ive not had chance to do much for over a year now since moving and NOT getting my lathe/shed set up.

Ive even got a small oil pump to work. ill try to find more photo's.

The only issue so far is creating enough pressure for the brake cylinders to work, or I've made the cylinders with too much resistance.

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Thanks John it's good to hear someone remembered it and it's encouraging to hear your thoughts. I've moved just over a year ago and a lot of time has been taken up on the house. Plus not having some of my stuff set up doesn't help. I did make a dipstick a while back and finished the oil pump and started to work out the dizzy. I'll upload some soon.

I've had people ask me about the link I put on other forums etc to the old thread, that now don't work after tssc starting again. I'm just waiting to be able to link to this new one For guests.

I am missing a few photos that other uploaded answering some of my questions. But hey Ho.

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