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Herald Coupe 270BPO

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Hi I have just been offered a 1961 Herald coupe with above registration, it looks like any other coupe accept the petrol tank is behind the seats and the filler cap is where a spitfire usually is?   this coupe is unrestored tub and looks like it has  never has a filler cap in the rear wing where you would expect to see it.    The car is green a white/cream. The only  other cars which I can see is some of the old racing cars where they moved the filler cap to the centre does anyone know any thing about this car, it is on the dvla data base as triumph make unknown??? and help would be appreciated. many thanks in advance  

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How odd. Is there no sign of a patch on the wing? Maybe have a look inside the wheel arch. Where would you get a blank wing? Presumably it has a Spitfire tank?

DVLA says it's not been taxed for 32 years, a lot of work required I think!

Here's an American wondering what to do about his rusty herald tank and the response "fit a spitfire tank" followed by some interesting pictures.





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