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Spitfire racing number circles stickers


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See MSA Yearbook, Section J, Para 4.1 etc:

"Competition Numbers [Chart 4]
4.1. Numbers must be displayed in a durable manner
and be black, of a minimum size of 23cm high with
stroke width of a minimum of 3.8cm on a white oblong
background measuring not less than 48cm x 33cm
which must extend at least 5cm beyond the outline of
the numbers. Alternatively, the numbers may be
displayed on a white circular background provided that
the background extends at least 5cm beyond the
outline of the numbers.
4.1.1. If on a white vehicle a background of the
dimensions in 4.1. must be delineated by a continuous
black line, except for cars of period A to E.
4.1.2. Numbers must be displayed on each side of the
vehicle (front doors, alongside the cockpit or on rear
wing end plates) and on the foremost part of the nose."


And Drawing No.4 several pages later.

The Yearbook ("Blue Book") is available online at the MSA website.

Many performance shops will sell vinyl roundels of the correct size, or you can buy them on eBay.


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