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Triumph 2000 Commission Number

Peter Truman

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A deceased friend has a 2000Mk2 Estate here in Australia, the body has been bare metal resprayed and it's resplendent BUT needs re-assembling.

I'm trying to sell it for the widow and want to understand what the Commission Number ME39860SCO means;

  • Prefix ME is a 2000Mk2, correct
  • Suffix SCO??, I assume the O means overdrive, but SC?

All the parts are there and many refurbished, its a manual overdrive model.

Anyone want to ship it back to the UK???

Can anyone advise what SCO indicates?


Peter Truman

Estate in Entrenched in it's Home! 11-7-15.jpg

Comm Plate.jpg

Engine Bay from Drivers Side, Rack Installed.jpg

Inside Front Bulkhead.jpg

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The "SC" indicates that the car is a station wagon / estate car. I always fancied it as "saloon conversion"! I'm not sure that's accurate, but part-completed saloon bodies were, in fact, converted by an outside concern (Carbodies? can't remember offhand and don't have my books handy) into estates.

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Sending saloons to outside convertors to produce Estates, was not unknown, Ford sent all the early (50`s on) to Farnham, for example. Although I THINK Morris produced theirs "In House"?. As probably the later Farina Estates too.

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