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GT6 MkIII stiff gear change

Mike T

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Hi all

The gear change on my GT6 is fine when the car has is cold and for the first 5-10 miles of driving but as everything heats up the gearchange gets stiffer and more difficult. It is the same for all changes ie going into 1st through to going from 3rd to 4th.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this?


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I had similar problems in my herald (3 rail box). I found that the linkage was very dry, no lubrication, once it got warm it was difficult to change gear.
Solution was to take the remote off and strip clean and lubricate it all, Since then all been fine.
Might not be your problem but worth a look, the only painful bit is taking the H panel between the floor and dash out (and putting it back again) at least there is more space on a Herald..


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I had the same problem too, most noticeably between third and fourth gear. One thing that helped was making sure that the nut and bolt connecting the two sections of the remote operating shaft weren't over tightened. They just need to be tightened enough to take up play in the joint, rather than hardened down, which can squeeze the connecting fork ends towards each other. I think that a little bit of "slop" is needed to off set expansion in this joint when things get hot.  

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agree some grease on the ball and socket , and a general look at the whole linkage bushing and pivots 

its unlikely to be main gearbox problems ...unless the box is out of oil that can have problems when Hot!!

you may be able to squirt  an aerosol of grease down through the gaitor to   improve without a full tunnel out , worth a try 


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