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What is this Part?

Peter Truman

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This un-named old crusty item is for sale on eBay I presume it's the little fitting to hold the door sealing rubber/furflex at the top of the windscreen on the A pillar. This appears to be the RHS.

The similar item I have had on previous Conv Heralds (66) & Vitesse (68) is a S/S or chromed Cap that fits over the end of the door seal and is screwed to the windscreen A post top, actually a rather flimsy and unattractive fitting.

I assume the attached is off a early Herald Conv body, assuming my assumption re its use is right?

It's a simple easy one piece pressing, compared to the later or aftermarket S/S Cap which may require the assembly of parts.


Peter T



Herald A Post fitting 1.jpg

Herald A Post 2.jpg

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I'm getting a feeling of deja-vu with this one, which I don't think is solely to a lack of coffee... was this listed, and discussed, before?

It's not a Herald piece that I recognise, at least not for the use you've suggested, Peter.

The early Herald 1200 cappings are quite solid things of chromed steel, with an additional longer chromed bracket (I think from the hood frame / header rail?) to hold the hood seal which has a curve approximate to that in your picture, but not the same shape overall.

I'll post a photo of the early Herald 1200 versions as reference.





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the ones you show are what I remember either the top hat type which I have on the Mk2, or curved S/S type.

I'm assuming the other type I showed to be an earlier Conv version but that's just me thinking as I have a CKD Herald around 59/60 tub (old style chassis) which has a few different bits on it.

It's eBay item No. is 323589083960 and described as fitting "Herald Conv Windscreen A Post area"


Peter T

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