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Spit MK3 dash wanted (or source)


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Went and took out mk3 spit for a spin yesterday (nice!) but the dash is looking very shabby with the veneer lifting/bubbling.

So can anybody recommend a supplier or a source? A good used one would be fine, but I don't really want to spend the £100ish asked by the brothers in Lincolnshire. And I (google) can't find another supplier.

Any pointers etc??

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There are people who attend Stoneleigh and the like who will do the full refurb but I have no experience of them. I was able to clean up and repair my spare one for Toby. His original is now spare and I'd be willing to part with it but it's delaminating at one side so it's not usable without some significant work.

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Thanks Rob, but I want something I can just fit and look decent. The car is going up for sale in the near future, and I don't fancy my chances at doing a good enough job of repairing one. 

I guess stoneleigh is but a few weeks away. I had thoughts of taking the car in an attempt to sell, but the reality is that it won't be ready. Ho hum. (does go well though! fantastic induction noise with a pair of dellortos and a fast road cam, nudging into the red on the rev counter. And yes, the engine is balanced etc so safe)


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