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Mystery drill hole


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Hi Folks,

    here is a puzzler. A friend of mine is trying to stop his TR4A GB selector rods leaking.

There are three rods and they each have an 'O' ring at the back end - supposedly to stop oil dribbling out. - ho ho ho!!!

He has found that his 3rd/4th rod (the centre one) has a 1/16" dia hole drilled vertically through it coincident with the 'O; ring. The hole can be seen when in 3rd gear.


Has anybody seen this before or know why a hole would be there.?




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most holes into the selector rods  etc is to reduce hydraulic problems caused by oil getting trapped these small holes allow any to drain out 

its not an uncommon thing. 

the small  chassis 3 rail has them they also allow a punch in to pop the welch plugs out the top cover 

if thats a help 


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