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  1. Hi Folks, I bought a corded Black&Decker back in the early 90's for my 4A rebuild - nice and small with 100mm(4" discs) can get in most places. However having small discs they wear out quickly. I would give it 'Foive' Roger
  2. Hi Chris, the SS isn;t twice a hard as MS but twice as tough and when it gets hot it then gets hard. I assume your holes are 32mm diameter - you need a Q max cutter - example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363268005504?hash=item549475de80:g:L4cAAOSwVDlgCPaI This will eat the 1mm SS as it does not produce heat When you drill the hole for the bolt start with 3mm drill and go up in 2 or 3 stages + lubricant Roger
  3. Thank you - normality is almost with us. Roger
  4. RogerH


    Back in 2019 down at Swanage beach I watched an epic production of Punch & Judy. It lasted all of 30 minutes. It was very adult in a covert way and brought back such wonderful memories that I didn't know I had. When the lady came round with the collection cap I popped in £20 to join the 10 and 20P's. There are so few beach Punch & Judy shows they must be preserved and protected. Pub TRivia alert - The operator of a P&J booth can award himself the title of Professor with no Universities involved. It is the only trade that can do so. Roger
  5. RogerH


    Bl**dy hell - egg slicer in ones drawers. I've heard of ferrets but this is definitely kinky Roger
  6. They did three or four variations - Petrol, Diesel, TVO............................ https://www.acornservicestractorparts.com/acatalog/Ferguson_T20_tractor_parts.html More good stuff here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferguson_TE20 Roger
  7. Hi Peter, i would advise that you continue to use the original solenoid to feed the HT starter. The original solenoid takes about 1 or 2 amps and is wired through the ignition switch. The switch can easily handle this. The HT Starter dedicated solenoid can take a serious amount of current - possibly in the order of 20amps. (I haven't got the data sheet with me at the mo). Found it possibly 40amps http://www.wosperformance.co.uk/products/starter-motors/starter-performance/1-4kw-denso-performance/ The ignition switch will not like this amount of current whizzing through it. Use the original solenoid to supply 12V @ big amps direct to the HT starter on its 1/4" contact. Link the HT Starter solenoid also to this 1/4" stud. Do A Pete did and move the original solenoid to somewhere sensible. Roger
  8. RogerH


    Hi Mark, the 'head' shot of the squirrel is beautiful. Do you submit your pics to any of the mags - RSPB , NT etc Roger
  9. Spot on Andy. Yesterday me and Sue went down to the New Forest, then Swanage for the day. Some of the roads were a bit bumpy/pot holed etc and it was nice not to see a wing or diff dropping off in the rear view mirror - everything bolted down. At one point we encountered a road that was in decent condition. After about 5 miles I commented to Sue how well the car was going. Didn't miss a beat and the exhaust note was excellent. The car is not a wreck but far from Concourse. However if enjoyment was part of the concourse marking system it would be a cup winner every time. Get the chassis inspected thoroughly and then consider repair/replacement. Good used chassis are out there. Roger
  10. When pop riveting on or close to paint work wrap your hand around the head of the riveter to stop the reactions. Roger
  11. To add a bit of class, my favourite classical number is Tchaikovsky's 1812 featuring sound effects with Pachelbel's Canon The modern vinyl is so so quiet. Amazing how they can do it. Roger
  12. I still have the 4000DS tape deck that I bought in the early 70's. It was the most affordable deck that could over dub. In reality it was quite useless as a recording device as each time you over dubbed you increased the background noise Great noise generator. But worked well as a normal tape recorder. I liked to play the Shadows on my 3 three string Spansh guitar (before sea sick Steve). To me it was great but nobody else liked it. Roger
  13. The string pulls on one side and releases on the other. In reverse the other string pulls and the previous puller releases. Sorry for the cluttered pic. Roger
  14. I got my rotary table idea from a workshop rotary table so it is not new, just cheap. I did see a video clip of a chap using a lathe on a very slow speed to do the same. My lathe takes forever to change speeds. As for the spanner I'm sure it has already been done. But they are fun to use. Roger
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