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    when they were offered it did the say 'neigh' Roger
  2. RogerH


    If you are taking Statins to control cholesterol then consider Pomegranate juice. I have read that it works very well. Roger
  3. Hi Dave, have you touched it with a magnet to see if it is steel. Roger
  4. RogerH

    Black paint

    IN my opinion you need a soft compliant paint for the chassis and other areas that are exposed to the extremes of the weather under the car. Chassis black (paint ) on top of BondaRust primer. Anything too hard/tough/resilient will allow rust to breed underneath without you knowing until it is too late. Inspect annually and re-protect. Roger
  5. Hi Folks, Copper is odd stuff. To anneal - heat to cherry red then quench and stir in water - the more rapid the better. This is unlike Ferrous metals To harden - not usually done as after it is annealed and then worked upon it will harden (it is called 'Work hardening') Be careful once work hardening has set in the copper may well crack if you try to work it more. Re-anneal if necessary. Hi Dave - I can't visualise what you have is it like the pic below 4th line down. Are you sure it is copper or brass - if so it will solder easily and will no further heat treatment. The pic below looks like steel but I'm not sure. If it is steel then this could easily be soldered of silver soldered (a little stronger) https://www.google.com/search?source=univ&tbm=isch&q=Triumph+Vitesse+petrol+cap&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjyod2-5fPxAhXaQUEAHQB1AQsQjJkEegQIDBAC&biw=1517&bih=730#imgrc=ig81RlkNyCsvbM Roger
  6. RogerH


    The fuel does not explode - it burns. The world has killed many people trying to slow the burn down. (leaded petrol) PS - I know you used the expression for effect
  7. RogerH


    that is in short supply to another that is just as short, or even rarer The politicians say fossil fuel is in short supply - and you believe this I was in Dubai in the late 80's and they were advertising at least 150 years for their little well in the sand. But, this was before the Greenies and the politicians started making money out of it. The politicians simply make it look mucky and begin banning it. In the early 90's car engine developers were getting to grips with a supper lean burn petrol engine - Why, because the politicians asked them. Before it was launched the politicians could see more money for their pockets in diesel so stopped the lean burn and promoted dirty diesel. And now the goal posts move again to even dirtier electric. - their pockets must be full to bursting point. Cynical, Moi Roger
  8. Mine were also tight - honest. Roger
  9. You MUST retain the valves somehow. I have a repro AC pump on my TR4A and after quite a few miles a valve dropped out - the car stopped. Easy enough to pop back in but it came out again after only a 1000 miles or so. I resorted to fitting a plate over the valves held in with an M3 screw, The push fit will not withstand the continuous vibration. Roger
  10. Hi Peter, I've heard good reports from these people http://www.testransmissions.co.uk/tes-transmissions-manual-2008.html I will be giving them my TR4A diff at the end of Autumn. Roger
  11. TRiumph normally put it between the card and the handle escutcheon. Other wise the escutcheon will wear a mark into the door card Vinyl. Spring big diameter on the card That is the case for all TR4/4A/5/6. Roger
  12. RogerH


    Just in case, we had the cat put down. Ir won;t do that again. Actually it was put down but a couple of years after the pill incident. The poor thing came down with Diabetes and the vet thought it a good idea to give a a coupe of jabs per day at what ever cost (plus profit) It was 13 years old and the end was drawing in. I still miss the silly thing after 11 years. Roger
  13. Why is it that when a football thread is posted everybody under the Sun that doesn't like football chimes in. If this attitude crossed over to all the other threads where people only moaned about old cars old gits old anything etc etc then this forum would be toast. If you do not like football then do not read a football thread. I can't and will not defend the Prima Donas tht earn fortunes for kicking a ball about but I will try to keep threads on the rails. Roger
  14. Hi Paul The nutter with the laser should be weedled out and given a serious talking to with a TRuncheon. The few moments that I saw the laser on the keepers face suggested it didn't cross his eyes and as such he probably didn't see it, so didn't put him off. Not sure about the physics but these lasers are quite weak and at that sort of distance the square law would make it relatively harmless (I think) I follow PNE in the championship division - so not really related to football. The lower down the divisions you got the more sensible it becomes I would like PNE to gain promotion to the top flight before not too long. But then, I am not looking forward to the antics. England were very very lucky to beat Denmark. The penalty was iffy at best and Denmark ended u with 10 players on the pitch for quite some time towards the end. I can't see the italians rolling over. But it would be great to beat them 3-0 Roger
  15. RogerH


    My vet was having terrible trouble trying to get a pill down my cat's throat. He had tools and a few swear words but no luck I offered to do it. Place hand over the top of the cats head, Grasp the upper jaw just behind the incisor teeth - and lift. The lower jaw stays put. You can now pop the pill in its mouth and push it as far back as you can. Not too many scars !! The vet was impressed Roger To stop the scrabbling with their feet to make a runner wrap them in a towel with its head popping out
  16. Hi Alastair, very silly question but it has happened (not to me) - did you blank off the intake holes in the manifold when you removed the carbs - if so have you taken it out. Also have you tried any form of 'Cold Start' squirts Roger
  17. I don't think the mains cable is long enough Roger
  18. Where about's do you live. If local to West London LHR airport I could weld it for you. Roger
  19. Hi Gav, If the JBWeld is under 'constant ' movement I don;t give it much hope. It needs welding and cutting back Roger
  20. I believe the FBHVC conducted trials when 4 star was being phased out and they found that VSR was a reality but!!! they used a quite an old style engine (Morris Minor typwe thing) and they thrashed it to death. For normal everyday driving/touring VSR may never happen. Roger
  21. Be careful if you buy a pre-70's car radio (especially Motorola & Radiomobile) as the transistors in the tuner section (AF117) are infamous for simply giving up the ghost due to internal clag in their little canisters. There is a work round for them - the duff AF117 can be re-vitalised but it may be temporary. Or you could swap them out and use AF127 (these do not suffer the clag) Roger
  22. +1 Only get a car that you will 'love' Anything less and it will rot in front of your eyes. If you can't afford it don;t get it. Roger
  23. If you can confirm the diameter of the threaded part of the switch then I believe the thread size will follow suit. I have some spares of the TR cars. Otherwise I can make you one in Ali or brass Or can you see your switch on Moss or Rimmer and forward the part number - that may help. Roger
  24. Hi Folks, Just recently I have come across the very thin 4" plasma discs. They cut through 1mm mild steel as if it wasn't there. Roger
  25. Hi Folks, I bought a corded Black&Decker back in the early 90's for my 4A rebuild - nice and small with 100mm(4" discs) can get in most places. However having small discs they wear out quickly. I would give it 'Foive' Roger
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