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  1. Have you got a clear picture of the assembly.? Roger
  2. RogerH


    Not all tyres like all cars. Not all cars like all tyres. I fitted Continentals to my TR4A and they squealed like a pig (just like in an American movie) The car works well with Vredstein T-Track (cheap but ugly) or the Sport classic (nice looking but expensive) I'm sure other Vitesse owners will guide you better. Roger
  3. TSSC Pony Express - from one member to the next up country
  4. Hi Colin, I have an Aerospace background. The bolts we used had a length based on the shank. So a 2" long bolt had a 2" long shank PLUS approx 1/2" thread. In the Automobile world a 2" bolt includes the thread that could be 1" long. Very poor practice. Roger
  5. Just a guess but would be so easy to sort on a jig and then install. This would suit the production line method. Roger
  6. Hi Paul, with the dozens of choices to buy ignition parts from it is a minefield out there. I would only ever buy from Martin Jay 'the Distributor Doctor' http://www.distributordoctor.com/ He does only quality stuff. Roger
  7. Hi Pete, don't know what surgery you have had but do take it steady. With the years ticking on recovery does take its time. No point in putting back the recovery rate just to get the car sorted quicker than is needed. Look after your self. Roger
  8. Could you not weld a decent nut onto the round nut. The heat would do it good as well. Roger
  9. Hi Iain, I attended a six week course of Radiotherapy in July/August this year. All the girls and boys (they looked soooo young) did a very good job, were very polite and kind. I asked one of them if they also did the usual broken boned radiography. "No" she said " I would need to take another degree for that. But it wouldn't take long as I now have the background". This is excellent news for those concerned. But in my head I had to ask myself WHY. A degree was something to dream about when at school (or be terrified) for the egg heads and boffins. I was an industrial radiographer in aerospace - I invented a couple of things and taught people - all with no degree. Had they been dishing out degrees for my world I would have about 10 or more. Still, good on those that are involved in having to work for a living. Roger
  10. Hi Jeremy, Firstly are you capable of doing engine work? If not get your trusted garage to have a look to see the extent of the damage- there is wear and there is worn out !!!! When you et the car back on the road it will reward you with daily smles from ear to ear. I spent £25K on my TR4A rebuild in the 90's - was worth probably £12K when I finished bit over the last 23 years it has paid it back and a great deal more. Roger
  11. RogerH


    Hi Ian, you have left some noughts off. At 100Mtr the airpressure is 990mB - a reduction of 0.01mB/100Mtr. It is still a lot when you consider aircraft fy at 10Km Have seen an aircraft tyre and Wheel close. These are not delicate things. oger
  12. RogerH


    At British Airways I was asked to investigate an aircraft nose wheel as it kept letting the air out. I took an X-ray and was surprised to see what looked like a giant 'Aero' bar. Never seen that before Roge
  13. Blame the BBC and the other news media. Roger
  14. I still have the coupons. Roger
  15. E10 will do nothing in the short term. However make sure that all your rubber is up to R14 for the long term. Roger
  16. RogerH

    Grease gun

    Hi Iain, the Wanner is the RollsRoyce of grease guns. Even if it did not work it would still be better than the rest. You'll never regret having a Wanner. Roger
  17. Hi Dave, 2.4mm 'head diameter' is very very small - do you mean shank diameter. (apprx 3/32") Roger
  18. Hi Dave , if you were using solid rivets then the material thickness to rivet length ratio is important. Pop rivets this ratio is less important as the rivet is not truly a structural fastener. However if you look at Pete's link then you may see that the rivet length is material T + the rivet shank O/D. EG using a 3.2 diameter rivet with 4mm of material then go for a 7mm long rivet or the next size up. You don't want to use a 20mm long rivet in 4mm of material. Roger
  19. Definitely a Renown in the rear window. - excellent car. Roger
  20. Hi Brian, have you had a look at the Moss webCat Bezels On the Spitfire Have a look also at the TR4/4A bezels. The problem is that even within Triumph there are very many different threads/sizes used. I have made a set for my 4A and now have the taps & dies. If you can supply the sizes you need I may be able to help. Roger
  21. Why why why go aluminium. The ONLY advantage is a slight weight saving. And unless you are racing the nuts off the car you do not need it. Aluminium does not cool as well as a decent original Copper rad. So if you need cooling why buy Aluminium. Cheap is the wrong reason to buy. Also, Why support the Chinese. Roger
  22. ....................just to do bi-coloured lines (red/white, green/blue etc) would be great to have. Roger
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