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13/60 Front grill question - Stuck :(


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HI everyone,

I'm a bit stuck on this.

Slowly putting back together my 13/60 and i am trying to work out how to attach my front grill back on. (it's been some years)

The "holes" seem to be just large squares? - Any ideas on whats supposed to go in these? - Many thanks for any advic.

On another note i was looking at repainting this and adding the pin-striping back in. Is adding the pin striping (black) quite tricky?






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I do not have access to my 13/60 to take pictures at the moment, but the spare parts catalogue might give you a hint. It is a useful book and it is available from the club shop. The grille was attached to the bonnet with pop rivets. Maybe someone here can provide pictures also?






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thanks for the replies everyone,

Interesting to note that perhaps it is actually "broken" :(

Yes agree the pinstriping tape is way easier just actually "technique" of doing this in a tight space.


Does anyone have any pics of the front close up of the grill. thanks for all the rear pics. - Just trying to piece together the total picture.

Many thanks again

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