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GT6 Mk3: Chassis front gusset sections / welder sought

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Morning all,

Looking towards the next phase of my late Mk 3 GT6 recommissioning. This will involve cleaning up and painting sections of the chassis where there is some surface rust at the far rear and front of the car (chassis and body will be remaining united!).

From inspection, the chassis is rock solid with the exception of the two front gusset sections which I would like to either repair or preferably replace as I see they're available from Paddocks at £22 approx each. This makes replacement rather than patching a bit of a "no brainier".

Prep wise is not an issue as I'm working in a decent size garage at home with angle grinder etc etc.

Id either like to have a go at the welding myself although my MIG experience is limited and I sold my Claire 135TE a couple of years ago through lack of use so would involve re investing or hiring a machine!

Alternatively I'm considering looking for a "mobile welder" to attend and weld in the new gusset sections on site. I can do the prep prior to and clean up / painting afterwards.

Hence my question is, firstly does anyone have access or link to a "tutorial" on replacing those sections as I'd like to study what's involved.

Secondly as an alternative do any Yorkshire based members know of a reputable welder that may be prepared to do the work at my location West Yorks / North Yorks border (under cover with adequate electricity, lighting, tea, coffee and biscuits, bacon sarnies etc etc along with the appropriate payment).

I would really like to have a go at least with some of this work but would ultimately appreciate someone on site with experience to ensure the welding is of the appropriate strength and spec etc...

Thanks in advance!

Any suggestions or pointers much appreciated.....


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If it’s just those two elements I would be inclined to get someone else to do the welding as it will probably be cheaper and less frustrating.

Now if you have chassis like my Herald’s then doing it yourself makes sense, but given that the bulk of yours is solid, let someone else take the strain.


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Good point Karl, there's not enough work required to justify kitting myself out with all the gear etc.

I think I'd quite like to actually do "some" of it myself under supervision of someone who knows what they're doing. Just need a tame welder willing to take the work on !

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