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GT6 Servo problem


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I’ve just replaced my leaking Girling servo with a Lockheed and I’m getting a strange fault. The brakes work fine on my slopping drive with the engine off. Turn on the engine and apply the brakes, front and rear work. Foot off brake, front free but the rear brakes are binding. Disconnect the vacuum to the servo, rear brakes let go. Pretty odd as the server should only works on the front wheels!


The master cylinder feeds a T piece, one side goes to the servo and the other to the rear brakes, this is the only point they have in common. So the servo is holding the rear brakes on via it’s fluid INLET. Doesn’t make sense! Is it a dodgy servo? It was cheap. :(


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All I can dream of is

the vacuum is not to have any effect on hydraulic build up , taking the hose off shouldnt do anything to the hydraulics

I would check the airvalve /inlet atmoshere is sticking , is the little piston free and the valve face clean

if this sticks you dont fully rease the brakes


make sure the mcyl pushrod has a small float, dont want the piston held from returning by stiff brake pedal spindle or no free play.or reservior wont recuperate





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