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Steering rack 'notchy'

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I'm rebuilding my Midge from the last nut and bolt...  I am almost at the stage of refitting the steering rack, so I got it out of storage and thought it would be a good idea to give it the once over....

A quick visual showed that new TRE's are needed, also the rack boots are a bit suspect.   Whilst pulling the boots off, it occurred to me that the inner rack had not moved, (I have usually been able to pull and push the rack back and forth easily). 

I have dismantled the rack and reassembled according to the w/s manual, but it is now still very notchy.  

Before I invest in a recon rack, is there anything that I might have missed?   

I did notice an extra shim under the steering rack spring where there is none shown on the parts list....  I say shim, but more like a thick washer..

My memory is not that clever, but I'm sure I fitted this rack as a recon item about 25 years ago... 

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