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  1. Thirsty Rolls Royce engine...
  2. The trunnions haven't been screwed up the vertical link too tight?
  3. Speedy cables mended one of mine a few years ago. Still working OK.
  4. Bury St Edmunds, Angel Hill. Used to get the bus in from out in the wilds, before I passed my test. (in Bury 1966.) Memories, memories.
  5. mark powell


    A couple of days ago, I was looking for a specific tape from my huge collection which hadn't seen the light of day for some years....... BIC biro was used several times. (How did they know that they would be the exact shape for winding the tape?...) Eventually found the tape, Slade at Reading in 1980. And despite expectations, they were not a joke!
  6. mark powell


    And their clever clogs brother, Full.
  7. November firework meeting, Santa Pod, 1983. My mates bought me a flagon of cider 'to go'. It went on Saturday and I have no recall of the Sunday. Unbeknownst to me, Alan 'Bootsie' Herridge was killed in his jet car whilst I lay in my drunken stupor. He was a bit of a 'hero' to me. I haven't touched cider since then... Not a drop.
  8. Cars getting bigger and fatter..... Check new housing developments, if there's a garage, odds are it will still have a 7' wide garage door... And be full of junk or converted into another room, because as sure as hell you won't get a modern car in, and if you did, you wouldn't be able to get out... I repair garage doors..... If I can even get in past all the junk.
  9. Makita for me. battery one in the van for work, mains one in the garage.
  10. That puts me in mind of this beast at our local Transport festival 5 years ago.
  11. When I chopped off the rear end to make my 'shorty', I retained that section with the intention of possibly incorporating it in a trailer... It's still up in the loft.
  12. Yep! mounted in front of the transverse tunnel. Suitable brackets supporting.
  13. view of load bed..
  14. Oh, and it has a flat load floor....
  15. Just to be different, my Herald pick-up uses a Herald fuel tank, but is accessed behind the drivers door. How have I achieved this?
  16. Gear lever rebuilt and out for a test drive. All back to normal... I know nothing.....
  17. Nearest I've done to this was swapping a Series land Rover truck top for a Safari top. We both got the tops we wanted... Safari for me.
  18. It's all a bit strange, as the inhibitor switch is doing what it's supposed to do. Before the gear lever collapsed, there was no problem and I managed to drive about 15 miles home. Now whether I left the o/d switched on when I parked up I don't know. I will try it for a short distance tomorrow starting with the o/d on and then disconnecting it before parking up. What do they say about turning things off and then back on again...
  19. Following the collapse of my overdrive gear lever at the usual place, and whilst waiting to obtain a rebush kit, I have tried to stay mobile by temporarily fitting a spare non o/d gear lever and disconnecting the wires that run from the knob switch. A trip to pick up some paint from Toolstation found the car without engine braking... What have I done wrong? Should I have completed the circuit from the o/d switch instead of leaving it disconnected, or has something else reared it's ugly head? It's very disconcerting to take your foot of the gas and then feel as if you are in neutral. Apply throttle and it picks up again. This is a Mk 4 Spit 3 rail box with D type o/d fitted to a 1500 engine.
  20. Yes, saw that one also. I'm off up to Wins tomorrow, he has a choice.
  21. Thanks Dave, yes, that might be an issue. Someone on ebay is quoting about £16 carriage for one.
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