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  1. Flu jab booked, Monday. Covid booster, 28th. Hopefully no side effects as busy with work.
  2. Tongue twister... Are you copper-bottoming them my man? No, I'm aluminiuming them ma'am!
  3. Also just for a laugh, I fancied an electric 2cv van for my garage door repair trade. 2C/EV ready to go, £29,000... I'll stick to the Renault Master monster.
  4. Back in the day, my daughter and a friend persuaded my wife to take them to see Simply Red... Eastbourne to NEC in dead of winter, with no heater working in the car. Daughter is still reminded of it.....
  5. Can you get it to the mainland for a MOT, or isn't an English MOT acceptable in NI?
  6. Yes, basically to stop the bellhousing fouling the chassis where it narrows. It also has the effect of tilting the whole engine / gearbox assembly to improve the propshaft angle. All these modifications were suggested in the original build manual for the Midge in 1985. The chassis is modified Herald, the power train is Spitfire 1500 / Mk4 3 rail overdrive box / GT6 prop / 3.89 diff. 15" wheels.
  7. Towers swapped round on my Midge. And extra 'brackets' to lift engine front by 2".
  8. mark powell


    I'll put my hand up to divorcing and getting back together with her... Been together now longer than when married.
  9. Try taking your 16 year old son to college in a 2CV..... Had to park some way from drop off to spare embarrassment.
  10. mark powell


    I now feel slightly sick.... Thanks.
  11. Stuck at home.... SWMBO got first dibs for the weekend, taking our Spanish horse to the Iberian Performance Show near Guilford. I get to look after the dogs, drink beer and cogitate the inevitable. May take the Midge out for a consolation run... Before the beer, of course. Enjoy yourselves.
  12. Thirsty Rolls Royce engine...
  13. The trunnions haven't been screwed up the vertical link too tight?
  14. Speedy cables mended one of mine a few years ago. Still working OK.
  15. Bury St Edmunds, Angel Hill. Used to get the bus in from out in the wilds, before I passed my test. (in Bury 1966.) Memories, memories.
  16. mark powell


    A couple of days ago, I was looking for a specific tape from my huge collection which hadn't seen the light of day for some years....... BIC biro was used several times. (How did they know that they would be the exact shape for winding the tape?...) Eventually found the tape, Slade at Reading in 1980. And despite expectations, they were not a joke!
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    And their clever clogs brother, Full.
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