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Gt6 mk3 weird leak


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OK here goes.... 

Used the waxoyl probe to squirt wax inside the windscreen pillars.  Inserted from the bottom from under dash. Only managed to get the probe up half way on both sides. 

Anyway on near side I noticed wax dribbling out down the drainage channel. It pooled at the base. 

Funny when I purchased the car the passenger footwell was full of water. 

It seems the drain gutteters have been welded on the underside of the pillars and there are small gaps? 

Not sure of the construction in this area. 

So do I have a big problem? 

Is it reasonably easy to fix? 

Hope so else it's a dry day car only for a while. 


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The pillars should be a complete, closed "tube" without the gutters.  The gutters are spot welded on the rear face and the whole lot seam-sealed.  Rust in this area is common....... it also tends to extend into the area above the screen and the roof seam.

I sincerely hope that yours is not as bad as ours was......







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Indeed one of the (many) design faults in the Herald body.    Attaching a gutter by three (Four?) spotwelds and applying no sealant beyond paint was bound to cause permanent dampness in that area and eventual penetrating corrosion.     Water running down the side gutter is then directed straight into the A-post and and down onto your feet.

I omit that A-post gutter in a restoration, and have never noticed any problem.    Water from the roof is blown backwards, as it is from the windscreen, without being blown in.


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