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Hallo, a Carless new member here

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Hi all, thought I’d rejoin the TSSC as the “hankering” to own another Triumph is pretty strong, and maybe, just maybe reading about them will solve my problem.  😜

A few years ago, I swore off classics and switched to modern classics, but the medicine is not working as well these days.  The garage is currently full of a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire (Mercedes SLK in drag) which has a silky smooth 3.2 litre v6, power everything, air conditioning, smooth auto and develops 215bhp.   I need to sell that before I can start my search in earnest.  

I’ve owned a few Spitfires in the past (not sure I’d fit in one now) and a Stag.  I’m thinking a Herald or Vitesse convertible would be an ideal new garage toy.  

Don’t expect sage workshop advice, as I’m mechanically inept, but can service and hit a car with a hammer as required with relative ease.  I make a fine cup of tea I’ve been told.  

My daily diesel is a German convertible (which is nice) and the current pain in the neck is Vauxhall Cascada which needs a dammed good talking too or a flame thrower I’m not sure which yet.  

Catch you on line or in a field somewhere.  





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59 minutes ago, Gully said:

Welcome! What made you swear off classics in the past?


Reliability and rust.  But I was buying bottom end classics only one owner from serious restoration or scrapping.  I’d be hoping a higher starting budget would improve the rust, and reliability is really a consequence of maintenance.  (Ish)

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Hi and welcome.  Yes. Buying a good one to start with is a good move.

I do around 3000 miles a year and keeping up with body and mechanical maintenance is time consuming.

Iv'e found the main issue with reliability is the re-manufactured parts. Rubber parts spring to mind. They often only last a couple of years.

Also had ignition problems with condensers and rotor arms until I bought some NOS ones.


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