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Vitesse door glass adjustment

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Is it tight to the rubber door seal? If not then you can shim the mountings inside the door to tighten the angle until it's flush.

When winding up, the glass will follow the runners up until it hits something; but if it's tight to either the rear of the door at the B post, or the top of the front channel by the quarterlight before it's fully closed up then you'll need to adjust. If you remove the door trim and loosen off the two sets of runner bolts by slackening the bolt heads on the inside door frame until they're free to move, then by winding the glass up until it's tight you can settle the runners into a better position, then tighten again.

You need to ensure that the door is correct to the body, and the A-frame is correct to the windscreen pillars and with these bolted tight adjust the rear runner as shown in the photo.

If the glass is stopping short of the top but not hitting anything visible, the buffer stops inside the door that stop the rollers in the runner channels can be moved outwards to allow further winding. You'll see the small bolts for these once the door trim is removed, but be careful not to wind the runners right out of the channels.

Have a look at the Service Training Manual notes on this site: https://app.box.com/s/t9jjtxvxoskfrlupjmyg4bk4x1k04d3k which will give some idea of fitting and adjusting, as in the photo.


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