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Herald cylinder head water delivery tube needed - SORTED

Colin Lindsay

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Anyone got one of these? Part 54 in the picture. Currently NLA from all suppliers and missing from one of my spare 1200 heads that I was intending to reuse. Good condition one would be very welcome, beer tokens or other preferred swaps waiting. (within reason, I know what some of the minds on here are like.)



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17 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

  its only used on the 1200 engines  which  narrows the search a bit 


I've found some interesting information by scouring the Net, Pete:

Firstly, some people have advocated running the engine without it, claiming that they removed theirs and had no problems, however other owners state that this tube is essential for proper distribution of water for cooling, and without it the front cylinder may run too cool, and the rearmost, too hot, which will lead to problems later on. As with all bits, if it's there, it's there for a reason, otherwise cost-cutting would have removed it in  production...

However: this brings me to the second interesting bit of information that I found: there was a design change in later heads that eliminated the need for the tube altogether; I think in late MK2 Spitfires.

The head on which the pipe is missing is a double-spring head, stamped 514383, so may actually be a later head which never had a pipe in the first place.The double springs are confusing me a bit, so I must nip out for some comparisons between the two as this one may have been modified, and it'll be nice to know if it's uprated from standard.


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Just had a good side-by-side check and they're two totally different heads, despite both being 6-port 1147 heads.

The one from my early 1200 has the water delivery pipe and a single core plug on the opposite end to the water pump (left photo - note the crud caked behind the core plug that started me off on a check of the condition of my other spare heads!)

The spare head has double springs and two core plugs on the opposite end to the water pump, and therefore no water tube at all. It has also been reconditioned at some stage as it has a 'guarantee' warning pinned through the larger core plug.

So: no water pipe needed at all. Happy days! I love mornings like this!

DSCF6588.jpg.2678877cabcaa3a55b376e6e45bb851a.jpg DSCF6587.jpg.d125ee3ec4ffdac43d4d2fd1db878d7f.jpg

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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

and im sure its only the spits the have proper  twin collets not the keyhole prod and poke versions the heralds   had 

 I  like the cheap  fix  solutions  

happy days 


Yes on the 1147 cc engines.


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