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Spitfire 1500 Hard Top Stand


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Has anyone any experience with hard top stands?

I need some way of storing mine securely during the summer (apparently the spare downstairs bedroom isn'y appropriate......)

I note Rimmers offer one but only show it with a large (TR6?) top, I think Moss used to do one, & there's some on eBay, but these only show them with modern frp hard tops from MX5s, Boxters etc.

If anyone has any recommendations or feedback that would be great.


cheers, Ian


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When I had a Stag I used to store the hardtop against a wall (back of the garage) just resting on a few blocks of wood and covered in an old sheet.

My Spitfire's hardtop is currently suspended from the garage roof joists by a pulley arrangement. The intention is that I can park the car under it and lower it into place when needed.

But I'm guessing you don't have the luxury of a nice warm garage in which to construct such a thing.

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