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Gt6 test runs


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Hi there guys


Last Saturday I took the race car out for a few test runs up and down a private road. All was well after a major rebuild apart from a ticking sound coming from what appeared to be the front driver side area of the car. The car has had new suspension and vented and cross drilled discs put on and I noticed the track rod end was very close to the disc. It's almost like the sound you get with a warped disc but they new. I am a little concerned about how tight these track rod ends are to the disc is this correct or do I need to modify something or refit. I will take pictures this evening and attach but thoughts welcome.





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guess you do have the  separate steering arms,  on the GT6++     I have seen these packed away from the upright but needs a decent hard washer 

with good surface contact ,  no idea if this is approved or not 


keep the hub end float  at the minimum 0.002"  to stop disc float               spec is 002/008"

   needs must rules 



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Had a similar issue when I fitted capri vented discs to my spit (spaced GT6 calipers)


In the end had a few thou taken off the hub/disc face, used some washers about 3mm tick behind the steering arm, but also used a different TRE, in fact genuine unipart ones for a classic mini. They were smaller than the old ones.


If you can find them, the old std 8 and 10 TRE's are smaller again, and don't use a rubber boot but a metal washer arrangement to keep dirt out.

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