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GT6 Mk3 restoration

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Hi Everyone!  I've been a member of TSSC for many years and been lurking on these forums for a while.  I've owned a Mk3 GT6 for almost 20 years now and really enjoyed it but it burned out it's wiring harness due to a short in the overdrive wire so I'm now couple of years into a complete restoration.  Here's a picture of it at Spa in 2017 before the disaster...



I've been making rather slow progress due to life's other demands but I'm plodding on!  I'm about ready to lift the body off the chassis but it seems to be stuck.  I've removed all the bolts according to the diagrams in the manual but the rear end of the body seems to be stuck firmly to the chassis.  The two bolts which go just inboard of the radius arm mountings were not in place so maybe were fitted during the previous restoration 30 years ago. I can slide a piece of card between the chassis and the body at this point so there's definitely nothing there!

I've lifted the rear of the car using jacks under the boot floor and the chassis lifts with the body shell so there's definitely something holding them together.  I can raise the front end of the body about 4 inches quite easily, it seems to be pivoting about the area of the spring.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions of anything I might have missed.

Many thanks in advance for any comments!


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Thanks for these ideas Colin and NonMember.  Yes, the handbrake cable is disconnected.  The two bolts either end of the saddle, yes, if I understand what you're describing accurately they are out.  It's odd, I'm sure I've got all the bolts out according to the diagram in the manual but ti seems still to be fixed firmly in place.  I'll have another go tomorrow and post again with some pictures.

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The workshop manual shows twelve body fixing bolts:

- one each side in the engine bay at the foot of the bulkhead

- one each side in the footwell at the outside corner of the bulkhead

- two each side in near the centre on the box section just in front of the seats

- one each side just inboard of the rear suspension tie-bar mounts

- one each side on top of the spring tunnel, under the front of the luggage floor (covered by grommets)

What it doesn't mention is that the seat belt inner anchors (or the catch mounting plates on a Mk3) also bolt through the floor into the chassis and thus act as two more fixings.

The body tub also attaches to the rear suspension by the tie-bars and, on Rotoflex models, the shock absorbers.

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OK, the chassis and body are separated!  I had all the bolts listed in the manual removed, I had the seat belt mountings out too but I hadn't spotted the shock mountings inside the wheel arches as I still have the wheels on.  With the shocks released at their top mountings the body will now lift free.  I couldn't remove the bolt through the forward eye end of the left tie-bar, it seems to be rusted in, so I've removed the two nuts holding the bracket inside the car.  I'm hoping that when we lift the body we can move ti forward so the bracket mounting bolts drop out.

All I need now is for the social distancing to end so I can get a few strong mates round to lift ti off!  Meantime, I'll get on with removing the engine ancillaries.

Thanks so much to all who read this post and offered suggestions; very much appreciated!  Here's a couple of pictures ...


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A little bit more history on the car and my ownership of it.

I've had it for about 20 years and it's been great once I got it sorted.  When I bought it, it had a pair of SU carbs fitted and was very difficult to drive smoothly.  The complete throttle movement of the carbs was in about 2" of pedal movement, this was due to bad geometry of the linkages. Also, when I was driving it home for the first time I put my foot to the floor and the pedal stuck there, accelerating me towards a sharp bend!  I couldn't reach the key to switch off because the seat belt inertia had locked so I had to release the seat belt to kill the engine!  Rather more excitement than I planned for my first drive.  The throttle linkage had gone over centre and geometrically locked at full throttle.  Once I had realised what happened and unlocked it I drove home very gently with minimum throttle and straight into the garage.

I binned the SU carbs and fitted a pair of standard original Stromberg CD150s with the correct linkages; since then the car has been a joy to drive.  A lesson in taking great care over other people's workmanship there!

I'll post some pictures and more stories as the weeks go by and I make more progress.

Thanks again for advice and suggestions.



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